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Streamline configuration and change management

  • Automatically inventory and store configuration files in a secure repository.
  • Automate configuration changes like passwords or enabling/disabling functionality to eliminate accessing each device individually.
  • Leverage configuration change audit trails for regulatory compliance and to restore device configuration.
  • Get alerts and account for every change made to your network, including unauthorized changes.
  • Meet security and compliance guidelines with unlimited stored versions of configuration files and templates for key compliance reports.

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More control over critical infrastructure changes

WhatsConfigured logs all device configuration events, including file changed and time of change, for audit and control purposes.

Identify unauthorized changes for each network device. Schedule and execute configuration changes for individual or multiple devices at optimal times. Experience less network outage time by quickly downloading or replacing configuration files. Search and compare configuration files to simplify troubleshooting. Log all device configuration events, including file changed and time of change, for audit and control purposes. Meet your business requirements with export/import custom configuration tasks and associated scripts.

Save time with configuration and change automation

Search stored configuration files across global archives to streamline troubleshooting and configuration management tasks.

Save time and reduce errors by deploying customized task scripts to execute following a configuration change; e.g. rebooting a device once the configuration file has been updated. Run scheduled or on-demand tasks, including backup and restore of startup and running device configurations, to save time and reduce errors.

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Ensure accountability and compliance

Complete compliance reporting with out-of-the-box reporting. Enforce policy monitoring whenever you backup a configuration.

Download and store unlimited versions of configuration files for each network device to meet security and compliance guidelines. Set up policy definitions for dynamic audit during configuration back up to ensure conformance to policy. Support compliance requirements for HIPAA, SOX, FISMA and PCI DSS using integrated reports. Use formatted reports of archived configuration change audit trails for a device or groups of devices to ensure accountability and traceability.

Stay ahead of any configuration changes

Get an alert when a device configuration file changes authorized or not; then download the running configuration file and initiate an automatic comparison with stored configuration files to highlight differences and speed up operational response.

To ensure consistent network performance, get an alert when the configuration backup task fails to run on a device or when a scheduled or scripted configuration task fails to execute. Get an alert when an on-demand configuration backup or scheduled task fails a policy audit, to help ensure configuration consistency. WhatsConfigured is a fully integrated plug-in for WhatsUp Gold or available as a standalone application.

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WhatsConfigured is a fully integrated plug-in for all editions of the WhatsUp Gold IT management product. It automates all configuration and change management tasks required to maintain and control configuration files across your network, eliminates human error, and frees up valuable IT personnel time.