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Windows 7

Syslog Server | Free Syslog Tool | WhatsUp Gold
WhatsUp Gold's free Syslog Server can automatically collect, save, view, filter and forward Syslog messages from anywhere on your network reliably.

TFTP Server | Free TFTP Tool | WhatsUp Gold
The TFTP Server offers network admins a simple and secure way to streamline the downloading and transfer of configuration or system files across your network.

Windows 7 | WhatsUp Gold: Daily Network Monitor Blog
Collecting and tracking asset and inventory information about all of the Windows devices on your network can be tedious. This info can include all of the software ...

Enabling SNMP on Windows Devices with WhatsUp Gold | WhatsUp ...
WhatsUp Gold Guru Video. Need to Enable SNMP on your Windows Devices? There is a wealth of information about your Windows devices available via SNMP – from CPU ...

Syslog Server - WUGspace - WhatsUp Gold Gurus
Syslog Server Free Tool. The Syslog Server tool makes it easy for network admins, like you, ... Windows Server 2008; Windows 7; Microsoft .NET 4 Framework; 2GB of RAM;

System Requirements | WhatsUp Application Performance Monitor
The following page lists the minimum system requirements for WhatsUp Application Performance Monitor.

WUG Syslog server crashes with windows server 2012 - WUGspace
I have installed WUG Syslog server on a Windows 2012 server. I can use the test message feature without a problem. Once I pointed my first device (ASA 5505) to the ...

Free Visual Traceroute Tool For Windows | System Requirements
WhatsUp Gold's Free Visual Traceroute tool runs on multiple operating systems including Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. Download your free copy now.

Disk Space Check via SNMP without WMI - WUGspace
I am looking for an SNMP disk space Check with Active Alerts on Disk Sizes including Mount Points Performance Manager does not give enough Options for scripting based ...

Free TFTP Server For Windows | System Requirements
WhatsUp Gold's free TFTP Server runs as a Windows Service and can be installed on many operating systems including Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.