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Whatsup Deactivation/Reactivation - WUGspace
Possible solution: Deactivate the license on another computer or using myipswitch.com and try again. Can anyone help? ... activate dev, deactivate dev, ...

How to activate licence key for WhatsVitual - WUGspace
License. It shoudl be in your start menu. Offline WhatsUp Guru (Jason Williams) ... How to activate licence key for WhatsVitual. 2 years ago. Offline. lim lim . Answered

License Expired - WUGspace - WhatsUp Gold Gurus
Today we came back to work after being off for the skowdpwn and WUG is showing a 'License has ... paid for the license. When I try to activate it it using the ...

License activation issue - WUGspace - WhatsUp Gold Gurus
Dear All, we are using WhatsUp Gold Standard Edition v16.0.3 and for some reason we have formatted your server in which whatsup gold installed.

License - WUGspace - WhatsUp Gold Gurus
All you need to do is deactivate the license on the current machine, and then install and activate on the new machine.

Activation / Deactivation problem - WUGspace
Everything works well except now it is asking me to activate WUG again. ... You will need to go to my.whatsupgold.com and deactivate the license.

License Agreement | WhatsUp Gold
Ipswitch License Agreement. ... this Agreement will expire at the end of the evaluation period unless you have purchased a license key to enable subsequent activation.

WhatsUp Gold | Help and Support | Lost Serial
To obtain an activation key to activate your WhatsConnected product edition, please choose one of the following: ... To purchase a license for WhatsConnected, ...

Howto upgrade form 300 to 500 node license - WUGspace
I believe, using WUG license mangement tool, you should deactivate the current license first. After that, re-activate it using the new license number.

WUG 15 Maintenance License Warning - WUGspace
How can I disable the annoying warning, that my maintenance License will expire in xx days? This warning appears onthe web interface for all users.