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Windows Services

Windows Services Monitoring by SNMP - WUGspace
Ravi, I note that the links to the scripts the post are dead. Can you re-post active links or attach the files to the thread? Thanks, Mark

Monitor if a Service is up or down - WUGspace
Hey James, The first thing you need to do is create the service monitor. You can do this in the Active Monitor Library. You will see a monitor type called NT Service ...

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Syslog Server | Free Syslog Tool | WhatsUp Gold
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Get the working memory set of a Windows service - WUGspace
This little script gets the memory usage of a windows service. It is used as a PowerShell Monitor in WhatsUpGold v16.0.2 build 1104 (Premium). Presented is just the ...

Windows Service monitor via SNMP - WUGspace
If SNMP is down, this monitor will go down. It's payload will look like this, then: It reports: Service Monitor by SNMP=[Services Down: Apache Tomcat=[Timeout], IIS ...

Restart Windows Service when there is a memory leak. - WUGspace
Restart Windows Service when there is a memory leak. Topic; ... If it reaches a certain threshold you can start an action to restart the service on the server ...

Restart Windows Service - WUGspace - WhatsUp Gold Gurus
A script which will restart (not just stop or start) a Windows service running on a remote computer. This script utilizes the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI ...

Active script monitor for Windows Services - WUGspace
There are a copule scripts in the script library that will monitor services. in fact the one by Linwood Ferguson will check mulitple Services at once.

Restarting a Windows service - WUGspace - WhatsUp Gold Gurus
This little script restarts a windows service. It is used as a Power Shell Action Script in WhatsUpGold v16.0.2 build 1104 (Premium). Presented is just the working ...