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Why WhatsUp Gold should protect your financial network

  • Discovers, maps and monitors every network-connected device with an IP address: Every switch, router, server, security device and more are quickly discovered, mapped and monitored
  • Network audit and compliance reporting to support financial network regulatory requirements like Sarbanes-Oxley, PCI and Basel
  • Updates in real-time whenever a change occurs
  • Alerts you immediately of compliance policy violations
  • Displays your entire network operations on one screen and makes it easy to see and fix problems before they affect productivity
  • Solves recurring software issues automatically with self-healing scripts that restart processes without an onsite visit
  • More monitoring for less money. Licensed by device, not by port, to keep your overall investment in WhatsUp Gold low

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*With available Application Performance Monitor plug-in

How WhatsUp Gold makes it easier to manage your retail network
WhatsUp Gold can discover and map every network-connected device - even ruggedized devices - on your manufacturing network in about one hour.
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