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Application Performance Monitor

No matter how large or how small the organization, the network is absolutely essential to the company’s operations and survival. In many cases, especially among small and midsized businesses (SMBs), the network is the business. After all, the network and the applications on it enables collaboration, communication, and commerce – everything that helps an organization to run and grow.

For that reason, network downtime is deadly. Yet with the complexity of today’s networks, things are bound to go wrong. Servers crash, routers fail, disk utilization rates reach dangerous thresholds, security breaches occur, applications slow down and regulations are violated. That’s why continuous monitoring of the infrastructure is such an important IT management function. WhatsUp Gold enables you to monitor network, server and application performance proactively in real time, so you can identify problems before they become emergencies – and take remedial action in time to prevent loss of availability and ensure business continuity.

IT Management Challenge WhatsUp Gold Solution
Knowing what hardware and software assets are deployed Integrated Layer 2/3 discovery, mapping and asset reporting enables you to always stay on top of what IT assets are deployed and how they are connected.
Maintaining availability 24/7 monitoring of every network element, with real-time alerts to help you identify issues before they cause problems for end-users.
Ensuring security and compliance Firewalls and other security technologies are essentially network applications; they’re only effective if they’re working. WhatsUp Gold lets you know if there are problems with the availability and performance of IP-based perimeter security devices.
Being able to identify and resolve issues – quickly, easily, and intuitively WhatsUp Gold is built with the end-user in mind, providing an easy-to-use web application and drag-and-drop capabilities.
Capturing and analyzing network data to identify trends and share information WhatsUp Gold ships with more than 100 customizable reports that can be easily generated, locally or remotely.
Supporting both SNMP v1-3 and WMI monitors WhatsUp Gold includes SNMP and WMI active, passive, and performance monitors, eliminating the need for third-party plug-ins.
Quickly isolating the root cause of an application slowdown WhatsUp Application Performance Monitor lets you connect all application dependencies to easily trace the root cause so you can rapidly restore service