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Network Configuration and Change Management

Automating Network Configuration Change and Policy Compliance

Modern networks incorporate diverse types of devices and new ones are being added by vendors every day. These devices support varied protocols, access credentials and configuration formats. As the network grows, manual device configuration and related change management become error prone and infeasible. Further, with incorrect configurations being one the leading causes of network slow down and unavailability, unmanaged changes introduce systemic risk into application and service delivery. Network administrators also face increasing workloads as configurations need to be updated when new devices are deployed, existing device operating systems are patched or upgraded, new infrastructure and applications come online, or class of service priorities for existing traffic need to be adjusted. All considered, automated network configuration, secure backup and storage, and policy-driven change management is a necessity for effective management of today’s networks.

The WhatsUp Gold IT management platform and its WhatsConfigured plug-in offer robust, comprehensive and automated support for policy-driven network configuration and change management. Network administrators can automate manual and repetitive tasks, schedule configuration changes and automatically check against policy violation for every backup and configuration task. When running and backup configurations are not in sync, or when specified inclusions and exclusion rules within configuration files are not followed, the WhatsUp Gold solution alerts network administrators via the integrated and centralized Alert Center. It also provides an audit trail of changes for network managers to build and establish better policies for compliance against regulatory requirements.

Configuration Management Challenge WhatsUp Gold Solution
Manage diverse set of network infrastructure WhatsUp Gold and its integrated WhatsConfigured plug-in support the most popular network communication protocols including SNMP v1-3, SSH, Telnet and TFTP to ensure broad coverage across the infrastructure. 
Reduce cost of operations By automating scheduled configuration changes via task script execution, and simultaneously checking for policy compliance - the WhatsUp Gold IT management solution significantly lowers manual task loads and time spent in detecting and fixing configuration errors.
Rapid troubleshooting when configuration issues are detected The WhatsUp Gold solution provides instant access to current, startup and stored configuration files. Administrators can compare versions, check for policy compliance and update configurations on demand.
Integrated IT Management across all infrastructure silos Network configuration issues have a cascading effect on application and service accessibility and performance. By integrating all alerts from across the infrastructure in one Alert Center console, WhatsUp Gold enables better correlation and diagnosis of interrelated changes.