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Fault & Availability Management

Ensuring Application and Infrastructure Uptime 24/7

Higher ‘availability’ of applications and infrastructure has direct impact on the well-being of the business. In fact, when IT networks and systems are down or not accessible – business literally comes to a standstill. Yet, even with the best designed and maintained infrastructure, failures like a disk system crash or memory corruption are inevitable. Your IT Management system needs to be able to proactively identify and preempt failure events before they happen. Further, once an availability issue is identified, it needs to support the necessary alerting and escalation workflows, so that network and system administrators are notified and can immediately initiate triage processes to resolve the problem before end users are affected.

The WhatsUp Gold IT Management platform is designed to assure the availability of today’s complex and dynamic infrastructures and applications. From network routers, switches and firewalls, to physical and virtualized server systems, as well as critical business facing applications like email and databases – WhatsUp Gold monitors and manages infrastructure and application faults and assures availability 24/7. WhatsUp Gold Active and Passive monitors generate event notifications in near real-time that are consolidated into a single Alert Center console. This makes understanding dependencies across IT events from different silos easier, enabling network and systems management staff to quickly ascertain the underlying cause and initiate remediation.

Availability Management Challenge WhatsUp Gold Solution
Identifying availability issues in real-time WhatsUp Gold Passive monitors identify availability issues in real time as they happen through the analysis of SNMP traps and log messages. Active monitoring of devices and systems via ping, SNMP v1-3, WMI and SSH v2 protocols also provide immediate notification of infrastructure failures.  
Prioritizing response to availability issues WhatsUp Gold Alert Center supports consolidated and customized thresholding, notification, acknowledgement and escalation processes based on problem criticality.
Lowering Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR) WhatsUp Gold Alert Center provides access to hundreds of reports from the core platform and from its related plug-ins. Network and System administrators can launch split-second graphing and access historical reporting to quickly diagnose and resolve an availability issue.
Managing physical and virtual systems WhatsUp Gold Premium along with its WhatsVirtual plug-in providescomprehensive access to availability management alerts and in-depth troubleshooting data for both physical Windows and Unix servers, and VMware ESX/ESXi virtual machines in one single, consolidated platform.