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IT Management Solutions

Complete IT Management Solution with FCAPS support

Together, WhatsUp Gold and WhatsUp Log Management solutions provide comprehensive, integrated FCAPS support for networks, systems and application infrastructures.

The FCAPS Model

The FCAPS (Fault, Configuration, Accounting, Performance and Security) model has a long history with service provider networks, enabling them to deliver quality services at a profitable price point. Today, IT teams that act as a shared service provider to their own organization can benefit from the efficiencies inherent in the FCAPS model.

Fault and Availability Management

The WhatsUp Gold and WhatsUp Log Management solutions together provide comprehensive FCAPS support for complete and integrated IT Management of networks, systems and application infrastructures. With quick to deploy, easy to use and intuitive components built on a robust architecture with optional failover support, WhatsUp Gold solutions deliver network and system administrators the assurance and peace of mind that their business infrastructure is being monitored on all aspects, all the time.

Fault and Availability Management

Unfortunately, network or system faults happen through the failure of hardware or software components. With redundant networks and virtualized systems reducing the effects of hard ‘faults’, IT teams have begun to shift their attention to proactively managing the ‘availability’ of critical infrastructure.

WhatsUp Gold solutions deliver immediate alerting, escalation and troubleshooting workflows to identify, pre-empt and remediate availability issues.

Configuration Management

The manual configuration of network devices is complex, cumbersome and prone to errors. More than 50%f of IT management issues can be traced back to misconfigured infrastructure.

WhatsUp Gold solutions automate the configuration of network devices and ensure that they comply with organizational policies. When configuration errors are detected, WhatsUp Gold Alert Center notifies network administrators and displays all related errors in an easy-to-use dashboard.

Traffic Analysis and Accounting

Most businesses would benefit from having an accurate accounting of how wired and wireless network bandwidth is used, by whom and from which sources and destinations.

With traffic flow analysis from WhatsUp Gold, WhatsUp Flow Monitor and Flow Publisher, network administrators will know if costly bandwidth is being used by legitimate business applications, unauthorized user activity, rogue wireless access points, or by malware attacks inside or outside the network.

Performance Management

Network and system administrators can be overwhelmed with fire-fighting availability issues and service interruptions. Performance management allows them to get in front of problems by providing real-time and historical trends of resource utilization end user quality of experience.

WhatsUp Gold solutions enable IT teams to proactively manage infrastructure capacity and solve problems quickly and efficiently.

Security Information and Event Management

Event logs generated by infrastructure systems, devices and applications track every change – whether routine or unexpected.

WhatsUp Log management solutions monitor event logs from across the infrastructure, so that administrators know when security vulnerabilities are exploited and sensitive data is put at risk.