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Performance Management

Ensuring Application and Infrastructure Health 24/7

In most network and datacenter infrastructure environments, the most obvious indicator of impending failure is the marked degradation of resource performance over time. For example, CPU or memory utilization in a server trends higher as application loads increase over time, and may eventually cause the system to slow down. Similarly, increasing network traffic and application usage can drive interface utilization rates upwards to unsustainable levels.

The Value of Performance Management

The job of a performance management system is to monitor and record the changes of workload, utilization, and user experience over time and notify administrators when these breach specified threshold levels. With historical insight into how performance has trended over time, network and system administrators can take preemptive steps to reallocate workloads, augment capacity and maintain utilization rates within acceptable levels.

The WhatsUp Gold Solution

The WhatsUp Gold IT management platform and plug-in family provide a comprehensive view of wired and wireless infrastructure and application health. Apart from CPU, memory, disk and interface monitoring for both physical and virtual infrastructures, the platform supports in-depth traffic monitoring and analysis to identify top conversations and protocols; synthetic transaction monitoring to verify application integrity for FTP, SQL, SMTP and HTTP communication; and granular visibility into key metrics for business applications like MS Exchange, MS SQL, My SQL, and any Unix or Windows process.

WhatsUp Gold: Meeting Your Performance Management Requirements

Out-of-the-box performance monitoring. WhatsUp Gold and its plug-in family include pre-configured performance reports that are automatically created as infrastructure assets are identified through role-based discovery.

Consolidated access to performance data across the infrastructure. The integrated Alert Center workspace reports provide complete access to historical data for every network device, system and application.

Multiple types of performance monitoring. WhatsUp Gold supports multiple types of performance monitoring and reporting including resource utilization, synthetic transaction completion and application process metrics.

Integrated physical and virtual systems monitoring. WhatsUp Gold Premium along with the WhatsVirtual plug-in, provide access to performance information for physical servers and virtual machines in one single, consolidated platform.

Modular and well integrated solution set. Individually, WhatsUp Gold’s products solve specific security and event log management problems like archival, on-the-fly analysis, alarming or troubleshooting. Together, WhatsUp Gold’s products provide a complete and integrated solution to protect and secure the network.