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Traffic Analysis & Accounting

Monitor Every Corner of the Network

For a network manager, it’s not enough to know which devices are under stress or which applications are facing performance issues. You also need to know what’s causing the problem. Is it legitimate business bandwidth consumption? Too much video or audio streaming traffic? Or even worse, is it a malware attack?

WhatsUp Gold Traffic Analysis Solution

The WhatsUp Gold IT management platform and its Flow Monitor and Flow Publisher plugins provide in-depth insight into traffic analysis.

End-to-End Flow Coverage

Supporting all major flow protocols including NetFlow, sFlow, J-Flow and IPFIX, WhatsUp Flow Monitor provides complete coverage of flow-enabled infrastructure devices. When traffic volumes exceed thresholds, it alerts network administrators via the consolidated Alert Center.

Support for Non-Flow Enabled Devices

Since not all network devices are flow-enabled, Flow Publisher extends the traffic analysis and accounting capability to every server and network infrastructure. Flow Publisher’s software probes can passively track network traffic to and from network devices and servers and create NetFlow compliant records that are visualized through the Flow Monitor.

WhatsUp Gold: Comprehensive Traffic Analysis & Accounting

  • Visibility into wired and wireless network bandwidth consumption. Flow Monitor provides visibility into top conversation pairs, senders and receivers, application protocols and much more for each network or server device and interface. For example, Flow Monitor intelligently identifies classifies and oversees NBAR traffic, including difficultyto- classify protocols and applications that utilize dynamic TCP/UDP port assignments.
  • Proactively identify network congestion and verify traffic prioritization policies. With comprehensive historical data to perform trending analysis, network managers can stay ahead of bandwidth capacity requirements. For example, Flow Monitor provides full visibility into Class Based Quality of Service (CBQoS) including pre and post policy traffic usage, including dropped packages. And real time alerts notify network managers to potential issues, speeding up problem resolution.
  • Detect instances of unauthorized or malicious network use. With visibility into traffic type, network managers can set and verify policies that optimize QoS and support critical business applications. They can also detect malicious network use by identify spikes in failed connections or unidentified sender/receiver traffic. In addition, Flow Monitor can alert you when rogue users appear in range of your network’s wireless access points.
  • Usage accounting for billing or budget allocation. In addition to detailed flow records, WhatsUp Flow Monitor also reports on 95th percentile usage – a common metric used by service providers to bill for bandwidth. This data can also be used internally for accounting and budget allocation.