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IT Compliance

IT Compliance - An unnecessary drain on limited networking team resources

Whether you’re a Network Manager or an IT Compliance Officer, you’re responsible for IT compliance standards such as PCI, HIPAA and FISMA/Continuous Monitoring. For most organizations, audit preparation is a manual process – costly and a drain on limited networking resources. A recent Ponemon Institute study calculates that the average cost of a PCI audit is $225,000.

Networking presents its own unique set of problems when it comes to meeting compliance regulations. PCI-DSS, HIPAA and FISMA/Continuous Monitoring impose a common set of network requirements:

  • Identifying and limiting network connections to sensitive data.
  • Ensuring all network devices are configured to meet compliance specifications.
  • Identifying all devices on the wireless network and restricting rogue device access.
  • Identifying internal and external traffic sources and destinations for sensitive data.
  • Providing a tamper-proof audit trail of all suspicious network activity.

If you’re like most Network Managers, you don’t have enough time in your day to collect all the data, map them to the specific compliance requirements and generate auditor ready reports.

WhatsUp Gold does this for you.

No single product can satisfy your complete network compliance needs. However, WhatsUp Gold and its suite of solutions automate data collection and report generation associated with the most cumbersome networking compliance requirements.

What sets WhatsUp Gold apart from other solutions?

WhatsUp Gold’s compliance solution is designed on the premise that:

  • Each customer’s ecosystem is unique in its design, implementation and problems encountered.
  • Compliance officers need the audit process to run efficiently to minimize its impact on IT resources.
  • Network Managers are very busy people. They need the answers at their fingertips, especially when the auditor comes knocking.

WhatsUp Gold is a customizable solution that can easily be tailored to specific needs of your network, including PCI-DSS, HIPAA and FISMA/Continuous Monitoring. It features:

  • Automated Layer 2 & 3 discovery and mapping of all devices on your network. Detailed maps provide detailed Layer 2 connectivity to prove that sensitive data sources are properly isolated on the network.
  • Automated Configuration Management archives compliant configurations, issues real-time alerts when configurations are changed and generates reports comparing compliant vs. running configurations.
  • Wireless real-time alerts notify you when rogue devices show up in your airspace. Historical reports track when and where rogues appear on your network over time.
  • Log Management provides a tamper proof audit trail of network events and real-time alerts on suspicious events.

WhatsUp Gold enable Network Managers and IT Compliance Officers to evolve their organizations from an annual compliance fire drill to a program of continuous compliance.

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