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Your IT Infrastructure

What's on your wireless network? What BYODs are users introducing on your network? Are my users complying with our bandwidth usage policy? Are my access points deployed for optimal availability? Are rogues compromising the security of my network? IT Infrastructure Map

Simplified into a single powerful map

Effective IT Management Begins With an Accurate Baseline of Your Network

As an IT manager, your biggest challenge is ensuring the availability, performance and security of your company’s IT infrastructure. The introduction of wireless and virtual, combined with organizational growth, complicates your ability to deliver on these business critical goals. In this dynamic environment it’s difficult to:

  • Keep track of what’s on your network, how it’s all connected and the dependencies between devices.
  • Isolate and resolve availability and performance problems.
  • Assess the impact of changes to network designs and device configurations.
  • Assess the impact of changes in network traffic.

This results in unnecessarily investments in additional hardware, increased time and resource spent on troubleshooting, and unhappy users.

The starting point for addressing these issues is creating an accurate baseline of the inventory and behavior of your network.

WhatsUp Gold does this for you.

The WhatsUp Gold solution set provides IT managers with the most comprehensive baseline of their IT infrastructure.

Layer 2/3 Discovery, Inventory and Mapping

  • Establishes an inventory baseline of all devices on your network – wired, wireless, physical, virtual and applications – to help you control costs and optimize your IT investment decisions.
  • Automatic and customizable map generation provide intuitive and detailed maps to help visualize network connectivity and dependencies.

Real-time Monitoring

  • Establishes a performance baseline for CPU, Memory, Disk and Interface Utilization for all devices on the network. This can be used to set real-time alert thresholds to notify impending availability and performance problems.
  • SNMP, WMI, SQL Query and PowerShell scripting provide monitoring across a wide range of network devices, systems and applications.

Configurations Management

  • Establishes a configuration baseline for all devices on the network. Authorized configurations can be archived and then downloaded to new devices as they are deployed on the network.
  • Real-time alerts notify when device configurations are changed. Historical reporting provides an audit trail of who made the change and when.

Flow Monitoring

  • Establishes a network traffic baseline of network traffic and how bandwidth is used. Historical reporting identifies which users, applications and protocols are consuming bandwidth to ensure that business critical applications are getting the bandwidth they need.
  • Real-time alerts and dashboards shows where and when network traffic and bandwidth problems may develop in real-time.

The WhatsUp Gold comprehensive solution set presents you with the critical information you need to more effectively manage your IT Infrastructure and optimize availability and performance while controlling costs.

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Layer 2 Discovery/Mapping,
Asset Reporting in v16

Layer 2 Discovery/Mapping, Asset Reporting in v16