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Unauthorized applications consume wireless bandwidth

As a network manager, you’re responsible for optimizing the availability and performance of your wireless network. Like most organizations, your wireless network capacity is based upon authorized business usage. You may have bandwidth usage policies to govern appropriate user behavior.

But what happens when your users don’t follow the rules? Bandwidth hogs like Pandora, YouTube or Monday morning NFL highlights can limit bandwidth availability for your business-critical applications. You may even find yourself investing in additional wireless capacity – unnecessarily!

You need to ask yourself:

  • Who are my top wireless bandwidth consumers?
  • Are they complying with my bandwidth usage policies?
  • What applications are they accessing?
Real World Examples

Non-Profit Overcomes BYOD Challenges with WhatsUp Gold with Flow Monitor

By the time a network manager at a mid-west US non-profit called us for help this year, his wireless infrastructure, designed five years earlier, was buckling under an increasingly large wave of tablets, netbooks and smart phones. Read More »

WhatsUp Gold provides the answers you need to optimize your wireless bandwidth availability

Bandwidth Abuse | WhatsUpGoldWhatsUp Gold quickly identifies your top consumers and drills down even deeper to see exactly which applications they are using. Easy-to-customize dashboards present all bandwidth consumption metrics in ONE powerful view. Network managers can rapidly visualize, isolate and resolve bandwidth issues before they impact wireless availability and performance:

  • Historical reporting on bandwidth consumption per user and device—identify problems over time to help establish effective bandwidth usage policies
  • Network traffic and bandwidth monitoring to isolate the applications consuming your wireless bandwidth – whether it’s YouTube, Pandora or business-critical
  • Real-time alerts notify you when bandwidth usage policy thresholds are violated—quickly identify and respond to excessive usage before it impacts wireless performance

Wireless network management with WhatsUp Gold helps network managers formulate and enforce effective bandwidth usage policies needed to ensure the availability and performance of their wireless networks.

Wireless Network Management Challenges:

Many times our students get hired as IT and network managers immediately after graduation. Real-world tools like WhatsUp gold are essential to their preparation as IT and network management professionals."
Thad Russel
instructor at Manhattan Area Technical College
Manhattan, Kansas
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