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Rogue devices compromise IT security

As a network manager, one of your daily challenges is ensuring the security of your company’s infrastructure. Rogue devices on your wireless network can compromise the security of your organization’s sensitive data assets. A compromised network could cost your organization a fortune in fines, compensation and legal fees.

You need to ask yourself:

  • Are rogue devices compromising the security of my wireless network?
  • What is in my airspace and on my network?
  • How quickly can I respond to the presence of a suspicious rogue?

WhatsUp Gold provides the answers you need to secure your network from rogue devices

WhatsUp Gold quickly identifies and prevents suspicious rogue devices from accessing your wireless infrastructure. Easy-to-customize dashboards present all rogue metrics in ONE powerful view. Network managers can rapidly visualize, isolate and resolve suspicious rogue access before it compromises the security of your sensitive data assets:

  • Historical reporting to track rogues over time—Know when and where they appeared in your airspace and on your network
  • Rogue tagging so you can separate "known" rogues from suspicious ones that require your immediate attention
  • Real-time alerts notify you when suspicious or new rogue devices appear within range — so you can prevent them from accessing your wireless network

Wireless network management with WhatsUp Gold helps network managers identify, track and prevent rogue device access before it compromises the security of their wireless networks.

Wireless Network Management Challenges:

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