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Innovative Technologies for Complete Network Management

Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold solutions are built on a scalable architecture offering automated device discovery and network mapping, real-time network monitoring, and versatile alerting, notification, and reporting functionality, Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold delivers 360° visibility, actionable intelligence and complete control.

Our innovative network management technologies are tried, tested, and proven on networks just like yours - over 150,000 of them. With an investment in WhatsUp Gold, you won't be gambling your budget or reputation on an uncertain solution that requires lots of time and effort to operate and maintain. You'll be teaming up with a company that's been building robust, easy to deploy and hassle free network management solutions for more than 20 years.

Select a Technology:

  • Monitoring Technologies

    Monitoring Technologies

    • Active Monitors: Track and alert you in real time when devices and services are down
    • Passive Monitors: Listen for external signals (SNMP traps, log messages etc.) to identify and alert on infrastructure issues as they happen
    • Performance Monitors: Track the health of network and application infrastructure over time and are key to proactive troubleshooting and planning
    • Custom Monitors: Track individual performance metrics as required
    • Thresholds Monitors: Get alerted when minimum or maximum thresholds are breached
    • Active script performance monitors: Support for JScript and VB Script
  • Layer 2/3 Network Discovery

    Layer 2/3 Network Discovery

    • Discover (Layer 2/3) and map what's on your network and keep track of changes as it evolves
    • Automatically assign roles to devices based on intelligent matching against pre-set templates and attributes
    • Automatically deploy and start active, passive or performance monitors based on assigned roles and attributes
    • Start, stop, manage & schedule the discovery process both from the Windows console and the WhatsUp Gold web portal
    • Retain the flexibility to make changes to any role or monitoring profile at any time or create new profiles as required
  • System Monitoring

    System Monitoring

    • Discover and track the health and performance of servers on your network over time
    • Diagnose and resolve impending problems before they impact end users
    • Rapidly troubleshoot and recover from systems failure when it occurs
    • Quickly identify both under and over utilized resources
    • Optimize future investments in server capacity
  • Virtualization Management

    Virtualization Management

    • Automatically discover and map VMware ESXi hosts and their associated guest systems
    • Monitor health, availability and performance of VMware vCenter Servers, the heart of your VMware investment
    • View virtual server performance seamlessly along with information from your physical servers
    • Track live virtual machines migrations in real-time, and understand virtual to physical relations at all times
    • Get alerted in real-time when utilization on host systems, virtual machines or virtual clusters breach thresholds
    • Actively manage virtual machines on demand or on a scheduled basis using VMware tools
    • Manage your entire datacenter infrastructure and applications from a single console
  • Private Cloud Monitoring

    Private Cloud Monitoring

    Pre-Planning Stage:
    • Discover, map, inventory and document everything connected to your network
    • Import your information with a simple mouse click into WhatsUp Gold, and start monitoring performance right away. Identify under-utilized resources that can be moved to the cloud.
    • Baseline normal network traffic activity
    Managing Your Cloud:
    • Discover, map, inventory and document physical and virtual resources
    • Ensure optimal performance on an on-going basis, and secure your network via real-time alerts on key vCenter security events. Plus with WhatsVirtual, you can manage and control physical and virtual resources from the same interface, save time, and simplify troubleshooting efforts.
    • Go deeper into network traffic and understand bandwidth usage – understand who and how. Compare network traffic behavior for pre-cloud and post-cloud conditions to quickly identify bottlenecks
  • Network Reporting

    Network Reporting

    • Over 200 out-of-the-box reports on network, application, system, and hardware monitoring data
    • Configurable Workspaces which include problem oriented workflows out-of-the box
    • Split Second Graphs that support real-time troubleshooting needs
    • Top 10 reports that provide direct access to resources under pressure
    • Historical reports that support capacity planning and resource allocation activities
    • Fully configurable reports with 2D/3D charts (bar, pie, line and time), custom time spans, and feature quick zoom in/zoom out functionality for troubleshooting
    • Dashboard Gauges that display at-a-glance performance status of any device or system
    • Instant Info mouse over capability that provides immediate real-time status through Split Second Graphs
    • Mobile access to over 35 critical infrastructure performance and status reports directly from your handheld device or PDA
  • Mobile Access

    Mobile Access

    • Standard login and up to 4 configurable one-click logins for each user
    • DeviceView with network maps
    • DirectLink Notifications for SMS and email alerts
    • Maintenance mode configuration
    • Mobile Access configurable by user
    • SSL support for mobile access sessions
    • 35 mobile accessible device and status and 19 Flow Monitor reports
  • Alert Center

    Alert Center

    • Set up flexible, user configured thresholds for different performance parameters
    • Configure new notification policies based on device and system criticality
    • View reports on all configured monitors, running notification policies and event logs
    • Coordinate alert response via acknowledgements and multiple levels of escalations
    • Monitor and manage the WhatsUp Gold installation for performance
  • Self-Monitoring


    • Track WhatsUp Gold Server and Flow Monitor application health through detailed reports
    • Monitor underlying database, process and service status
    • Proactively identify system slowdown or gaps in reporting and initiate remediation measures
    • Fine tune thresholds to align with service level requirements in your organization
    • Streamline the WhatsUp Gold monitoring workload and adjust archival timeframes
  • Application Monitoring

    Application Monitoring

    • Ensure critical IP services, applications and processes are healthy and available
    • Identify and alert on application slowdowns before users are affected
    • Troubleshoot application issues in real time with process and performance counter visibility
    • Verify execution and content integrity across multiple types of IP services
    • Build custom monitors to track business critical applications
  • Architecture


    • A scalable and extensible product family for companies of any size, from SMB to Enterprise
    • Consistent usability, configuration, data integrity, management and reporting throughout the entire product family
    • Plug-in technology that supports rapid deployment of new management and monitoring functionality
    • Flexible and scalable distributed monitoring architecture enabling management of multiple remote sites in one console
    • Intelligent role-based discovery for devices and systems with automated monitoring
    • Accurate Layer 2 and 3 based topology mapping that represents the real network
    • Standards-based SNMP and WMI management
    • High-performance predictive monitoring of networks, systems, applications, and services
    • The industry's leading alert management platform, featuring easy to use alarms, alerts and notification capabilities for real-time operations support
    • A highly flexible, automated, and comprehensive network discovery and mapping platform
    • Powerful Web and Windows based reporting and administration
    • Quick navigation with intuitive Web and Windows consoles, which provide 360° visibility
    • Secure and configurable role-based management
    • A platform installed in just minutes and designed to be simple and intuitive to use right out of the box
  • Hardware Monitoring

    Hardware Monitoring

    WhatsUp Gold enables you to identify and remediate potential problems resulting from sub-optimal operating conditions for hardware equipment, such as...

    • WhatsUp Gold sends alerts when the UPS battery capacity is below a configurable threshold, or the battery temperature is high, or when the battery is in bypass mode due to a battery overload state.
    • High temperatures can cause devices to malfunction, and can be tracked through performance monitors or split second graphing
    • When potential problems are identified with fan operation they need to be replaced, as inaction can lead to downstream issues with high temperature and resulting failure
  • Wireless Network Monitoring

    Wireless Network Monitoring

    • Discover, map and manage all wireless equipment and devices for your Cisco, Aruba, Ruckus, and Meru wireless networks
    • Improve the performance of your wireless network by reporting on key metrics including bandwidth consumption, client count, rogue count, RSSI* data CPU utilization and memory utilization
    • Get alerted in real-time when thresholds are breached for metrics such as wireless access point oversubscription, CPU and client bandwidth
    • Keep your network secure and be alerted in real-time of rogue wireless access points
  • Usability and Administration

    Usability and Administration

    • An intuitive yet comprehensive view of your network health and status
    • The ability to slice and dice completely customizable views (Workspaces) of the network infrastructure
    • The ability to organize monitored resources into meaningful groups, including by status, type and/or business requirements
    • Individualized dashboards for quick analysis and synthesis of critical information
    • 360° visibility into devices, systems or services - with accessibility from different device groups or from network maps of device groups
    • A fully integrated web server that supports the 24x7 available anywhere Web console
    • Familiar Windows Explorer style device navigation
    • Easy to use drag and drop capabilities that make the user interface your ally in getting things done
  • Log Management

    Log Management

    • Comprehensive, Modular and Easy to Use Event Log Management
    • A Wide Selection of Tools to Suit your Need and Your Budget
    • Ability to Manage Both Windows Event Logs and Syslog
    • Dual Agentless and Hosted Agent Architecture Support
    • Standard Database Support
    • Coverage across Multiple Types of Event Logs
  • Windows Event Log Management

    Windows Event Log Management

    • Monitor, collect, analyze, report and store Windows event log files across both the EVT and EVTX versions
    • Enable the identification and detection of network security events like repeated logon failures or unexpected change in role privileges for a group or an individual user
    • Make comprehensive Windows event log data and reports available for internal and regulatory compliance audit to internal management and auditors
    • Provide user friendly capabilities for routine event log review, analysis and scheduled reporting
    • Manage Windows event logs remotely from a central location or locally on a host machine as required
    • Assign segmented log administration and viewing rights to team members based on organizational needs and management structure
  • Syslog Management

    Syslog Management

    • Monitor, analyze and alert on both Windows event logs and Syslog events from a single console with the WhatsUp Event Alarm application.
    • Review and support spot check audits with WhatsUp Event Rover application on Syslog data stored within the Event Alarm database.
    • Filter, analyze and report on stored Syslog data within the Event Alarm database using the WhatsUp Event Analyst application
    • Together, the WhatsUp Total Event Log Management solution provides you the capability to manage Windows event logs and Syslogs from a single log management application
  • Log Refiner™ Technology

    Log Refiner™ Technology

    • Down level EVT File Processing in Windows Vista and Later Versions
    • Streamlined Fields between EVT and EVTX Logs
    • Field Consistency across Logs
    • Success Audits versus Failure Audits
    • PrecisionParser™ Capability Expands Correlation of both EVT and EVTX Logs
    • True Log Format Independence
    • True Operating System and Service Pack Level Independence
    • Correlation across Related, Yet Different Security Events
    • Support for Multiple Occurrences of the Same Subfield