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Log Management

Comprehensive log management for enhanced network security and compliance

Every network is different, and the regulatory challenges with which network and security professionals and their networks must comply are wide-ranging. As a network security professional your focus may be monitoring ongoing events in near real-time or threat management (formally called Security Event management or SEM). Or, you organization may be required to collect and store log files for compliance audit, forensic analysis, breach investigation assistance and reporting (formally called Security Information Management of SIM). Or quite likely, your network and organization policies may require you to do both (together called SIEM).

Whichever be the case, your log management solution needs to flexible, scalable and modular – so that you can easily calibrate what features you need to start with, and expand into other areas as your requirements change. And your organization must be able to do this without breaking your budget and resource requirements – which is often the case for “platform” type tools which require heavy lifting for configuration and customization.

Comprehensive, Modular and Easy to Use Log Management

WhatsUp Log Management offers a modular and scalable log monitoring solution to collect, store, encrypt, analyze, monitor and report on Syslog, Windows events logs, or W3C logs. Just like the WhatsUp Gold software, WhatsUp Log Management is a highly cost-effective, intuitive and an easy to use solution that is available for a 30-day free trial so you can be sure of what you are getting in return for your money. And with more than a decade of experience and customer focused development behind it across thousands of real networks, WhatsUp Log Management may be the solution you were waiting for.

The WhatsUp Log Management suite offers the following key capabilities:

A Wide Selection of Tools to Suit your Need and Your Budget

Log data is useful in multiple ways – it can help detect and stop malware and other security threats from penetrating your network; provide visibility into event patterns that shape the security policies for your organization; or collect, encrypt and store log data for critical compliance audit and reporting. Whatever the need, WhatsUp Log Management offers the right tools that can work independently or as part of a total event log management solution.

Ability to Manage Windows, Syslog and W3C Log Events

Many security and log management solutions work with one type of log format without providing full functionality to other formats. WhatsUp Log Management capabilities extend to cover Windows Event logs (generated by Windows hosts and applications), Syslog messages (generated by Unix and Linux hosts and typical network devices like routers, switches and firewalls) or W3C/IIS web server events. WhatsUp Log Management can monitor all event messages in near real-time and inform operators if it detects a network security event of interest.

Dual Agentless and Hosted Agent Architecture Support

Hosted agent architectures are costly to acquire, deploy and manage. Yet, sometimes that is the only option available – especially when network policies restrict remote log management across the subnets or the WAN. Unlike log management solutions that necessarily require hosted agents, WhatsUp Log Management supports both agentless and agent-based architectures in the same deployment for maximum flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

Standard Database Support

Using a proprietary database is one of the chief causes of vendor ‘lock-in’. Having historical log and compliance data sitting in a proprietary database can make it impossible to transition to a new software solution without the costs of parallel licenses, monitoring and storage. WhatsUp Log Management solutions support standard databases like MS Access and MS SQL to meet the requirements of small to large organizations. This also ensures that the organization has easy access to requisite skills for database maintenance. In fact, WhatsUp Log Management applications inherently support some routine maintenance tasks like database purging and clearing – giving a head start to network personnel in charge of managing large log archives.

Coverage across New and Legacy Log Types

With the evolution of the new EVTX log format in Windows Vista and Server 2008 versions, organizations can leverage expanded field definitions enabling applications to precisely log events and administrators to more easily interpret them. However, many legacy systems still exist that are using the EVT log formats for older Windows systems (Windows NT, 2003, XP). Compliance with many of today's regulations and best security practices require a comprehensive view of network health and security across all of these formats. The WhatsUp Log Management LogRefiner™ technology monitors and collects log data from comprehensive log sources including security, administrative, operational and application logs as needed across both EVT (for Windows NT, 2003, XP) and EVTX (for Windows Vista, 2008 and later) log formats. This technology assures that your logs will be accessible in the future and not be "orphaned".