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Scalable from SMB to Enterprise and Proven on Over 100,000 Networks

With an extensible architecture and a scalable framework, WhatsUp Gold provides rich, enterprise-grade functionality that enables both SMBs and enterprises to proactively manage and monitor business critical IT infrastructures.

Scales with Your Monitoring Needs

Whether it’s new systems and services you need to monitor or a new office location, WhatsUp Gold has the flexibility to costeffectively grow with your monitoring demands.

WhatsUp Gold: Monitor 20,000 Devices

Full monitoring and management functionality is supported for up to 20,000 devices per WhatsUp Gold server and 30,000 devices per Scalability Poller. No matter what size your network, WhatsUp Gold can monitor and manage your entire infrastructure.

One Comprehensive Dashboard View

Some network managers use different products and separate management consoles to manage and monitor their infrastructure. This management style, can make it cumbersome to identify and resolve problems quickly, particularly if the different products don’t share management information and insight.

WhatsUp Gold addresses this problem through its integrated plug-in technology. With WhatsUp Gold you get one integrated dashboard view. One product, one download, one pane of glass to seamlessly manage your entire IT infrastructure. No more logging into multiple consoles to get your job done.

With WhatsUp Gold you get:

  • An infrastructure management platform for companies of any size, from SMB to enterprise
  • The flexibility to grow with your monitoring demands
  • Robust IT management functionality integrated into a single Web dashboard
  • Consistent usability, configuration, data integrity, management and reporting throughout the entire product family
  • Plug-in technology that supports rapid deployment of new management and monitoring functionality
  • Flexible and scalable distributed monitoring architecture enabling management of multiple remote sites in one console
  • Intelligent role-based discovery for devices and systems with automated monitoring
  • Accurate Layer 2 and 3 based topology mapping that represents the real network
  • Standards-based SNMP and WMI management
  • High-performance predictive monitoring of networks, systems, applications, and services
  • The industry’s leading alert management platform, featuring easy to use alarms, alerts and notification capabilities for realtime operations support
  • A highly flexible, automated, and comprehensive network discovery and mapping platform
  • Secure and configurable role-based management
  • A platform installed in just minutes. Simple and intuitive to use, right out of the box