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Layer 2/3 Discovery and Mapping with WhatsConnected

WhatsConnected Network Diagram Software

Inventory and document your network anytime, anywhere – with just one click.

Watch our short product overview.

WhatsConnected is a cost-effective Layer 2/3 discovery, mapping, inventory, and IT asset reporting solution. Use WhatsConnected to automatically discover, map, inventory and document your network (devices, servers, workstations, virtual resources, hardware, and software assets) and port-to-port connectivity in just minutes.

Powerful Automation
Using its powerful auto-discovery and dynamic mapping capabilities and simple one-click integration with Visio™, your team will always have crucial information at its fingertips.

With WhatsConnected, you can easily document your network, topology maps and network diagrams, ensure complete accuracy, and give your operations teams the power to immediately visualize how everything is connected.

New in WhatsConnected v3.5!

  • Full support for discovery and management of native IPv6 devices, including seed discovery (Smartscan), native IPv4 devices, and dual-stack IPv4/IPv6 network environments
  • Native IPv6 device support (it’s important enough to mention it twice)
  • Improved Device Listing options to view devices by name, by IP, or by both
  • Undo capability when changing Topology maps in case you made a mistake and want to revert those changes
  • More map display capabilities by allowing user configuration of device labels including device hover-over information
  • Advance Discovery settings – for the power users
    • Ability to stop specific device collectors if they run longer than “x” minutes – in manual or scheduled mode
    • Include only specific VLANs in a discovery scan
    • Ability to skip IP routes in a discovery scan
  • Last, but not least, improved Cisco Nexus support to help manage this increasingly popular device
WhatsConnected and WhatsUp Gold
WhatsUp Gold is a complete IT management solution with Layer 2/3 discovery and mapping and IT asset reporting capabilities fully integrated into its web-based workspace.

WhatsConnected is a standalone Layer 2/3 discovery and mapping and IT asset reporting solution. WhatsConnected’s topology maps and inventory data can be exported to WhatsUp Gold.

To learn more about the differences in WhatsConnected’s and WhatsUp Gold’s discovery and mapping capabilities and how the solutions can complement one another, checkout our FAQ page.

How Can WhatsConnected Help Your IT Team or Organization?
  • Save time. Spend time effectively managing the network instead of wasting it on manually documenting network topology and devices
  • Know what’s on your network. Know what devices are on your network, where they are located, what they are connected to, and how they are affected by changes and failures
  • Stay ahead of network changes. With up-to-date status information, you’ll know exactly when changes have occurred on your network
  • Minimize downtime. Find issues fast to minimize downtime. Know exactly how your network topology and infrastructure should be configured to minimize potential conflicts and optimize performance
  • Manage assets and inventory. Gather, filter, and export all your inventory and configuration information, as required for compliance and network audit process
  • Simplify management. With a single, integrated view of their physical and virtual infrastructure. WhatsConnected also easily integrates with existing business process via Visio mapping and a CSV inventory/configuration export
  • Accurate reporting. Get quick access to accurate network and server inventory information and network diagrams for audit and compliance-centric initiatives (e.g. PCI DSS, SOX, HIPAA, FISMA and others)
  • Find hidden or unused IT assets. Work around IT budget cutbacks by maximizing their hidden or unused IT assets