Network Configuration

Network configuration management refers to the process of monitoring, managing, documenting and archiving information about network hardware and software assets. From upgrading software versions, installing patches, changing passwords, resolving host names to specifying routing and forwarding information, network configuration encompasses a myriad of activities. With business continuity largely dependent on the network functioning at optimum efficiency, it is essential that network configuration is comprehensively monitored and documented.

Traditional approaches to network configuration management include logging-in to each device individually or running customized scripts for group management. But since current networks have multi-vendor assets running into double and triple digits, manual methods to monitor network configuration would be resource-intensive and error-prone.

Network configuration management software, such as WhatsUp Gold, offers automated network configuration management. Repetitive tasks such as configuration file backup and password change management can now be executed through scheduled task scripts.

WhatsUp Gold offers unlimited download of device configuration files, and provides a global repository for storing them. Administrators can then dynamically access, search and store current, start-up and stored configuration files. This aids in rapid troubleshooting, as administrators can instantly compare configuration versions, check security and policy compliance and update configurations on demand. WhatsUp Gold’s integrated IT platform also extensively scans the network and documents network asset information in comprehensive inventories.

Troubleshooting network device configuration errors is much easier with instant access to earlier versions of configuration files, lowering mean-time-to-repair (MTTR). Plus you also get real-time alerts and notifications when configuration changes are detected (authorized and unauthorized) so you can stay on top of configuration changes across you network.

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