Jeff Edwards

Jeff Edwards is a tech writer and analyst with three years of experience covering Information Security and IT. Jeff has written on all things cybersecurity, from APTs to zero-days, and previously worked as a reporter covering Boston City Hall.

Jeff Edwards

Don’t be like Facebook. How Configuration Management Can Prevent Outages and Security Issues

Improper configuration changes to a network—or even just one server on a network—can cause huge issues. They can degrade network performance, shut down key services, and even result in noncompliance with regulatory standards like SOX, PCI, HIPAA and FISMA. And they can compromise network security. You don’t have to look far to see the disastrous […]

Podcast: Log Management Basics – What Should You Collect?

Log Management is a hot topic these days, especially in the way it pertains to organizational data security. So in this episode of Defrag This, your host Mark Towler sits down with Jim Cashman to quiz the latter on his sysadmin experience with Log Management. This discussion covers what logs an admin should be collecting, […]

What is Bandwidth Monitoring?

Monitoring bandwidth usage is a vital aspect of any network management strategy. Bandwidth monitors collect, monitor and analyze network traffic volume by end-point (user), port, interface and protocol (application). This information enables IT Admins to: Assure adequate bandwidth for business-critical applications Minimize the impact of non-critical or unauthorized network traffic Identify bandwidth bottlenecks such as […]

How to Strengthen Your SIEM Capabilities by Leveraging Log Management

It’s certainly clear that IT teams that utilize a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution are better positioned to protect the digital assets of their companies. SIEM aggregates vital data from multiple sources and provides alerts that enable IT to detect, prevent, isolate and mitigate security threats. But given today’s cybercriminal environment, where new […]

Four Ways You Can Strengthen Security with Network Monitoring

For most IT organizations, network monitoring is an essential tool. Network monitoring tools play an important role in letting IT pros get complete visibility into the status of network devices, systems, and applications, keeping the IT team aware of problems with services, networks, application performance, and more. But despite Network Monitoring’s reputation as an IT […]

Just in Time for the Holidays: A WhatsUp Gold App That Fits in Your Stocking!

Network issues don’t care if you’re out of the office or away from your desk – they happen when they happen. But now you can put the power of WhatsUp Gold in your pocket and start resolving issues anytime and anywhere with the new WhatsUp Gold App. Ipswitch has just released this brand new version of […]

How To Use Network Monitoring As An Early Warning System For Security Issues

For most IT organizations, the network monitoring tool is an essential, even central part of the IT toolkit. Network monitoring tools play an important role in letting IT pros know where issues exist before helpdesk tickets start coming in, keeping the IT team aware of problems with service, networks, application performance, and more. But despite its reputation […]

Podcast: New Enhancements in WhatsUp Gold 2018 Service Pack 3

Ipswitch has continued to roll out enhancements of WhatsUp Gold 2018 with the release of the third WhatsUp Gold update of the year. WhatsUp Gold (WUG) 2018 Service Pack 3, which was generally available on October 28th, 2018, includes several key visibility and usability enhancements for WUG 2018, including a new Application performance monitoring (APM) […]