Jeff Edwards

Jeff Edwards is a tech writer and analyst with three years of experience covering Information Security and IT. Jeff has written on all things cybersecurity, from APTs to zero-days, and previously worked as a reporter covering Boston City Hall.

Jeff Edwards
port scanner video

Video: How To Scan For—And Lock Down—Open Ports With WhatsUp PortScanner

Foot-printing your environment is the first step to identifying ways in which intruders can penetrate your network. Thankfully, we offer a free utility that helps with precisely this task! In this Snip, Anthony Howell shows you how to use Ipswitch’s WhatsUp PortScanner to scan a host machine for open ports, then he’ll show you how to harden your system […]

azure monitoring

VIDEO: Monitoring Azure Virtual Machines with WhatsUp Gold 2018

With the latest release of WhatsUp Gold, we’ve addedcloud performance monitoring and the ability to track virtual resource usage, so that you always know how much you’re spending on cloud services such as Azure and AWS. In this video from Ipswitch contributor Adam Bertram, we’ll cover how to use WhatsUp Gold 2018 to monitor Azure VMs. […]

application performance monitoring

The What and Why of Application Monitoring

In a complex network environment, traditional methods for application monitoring can be cumbersome, complicated, or even inefficient. In order for modern enterprises to maintain a competitive advantage in today’s lightning speed digital market, it’s very important to focus on business-critical applications. If a customer finds that a site’s applications don’t load quickly, you can expect […]

cloud monitoring visibility

Getting Visibility Into VMware and Hyper-V Environments: The Metrics You Should Be Monitoring

The idea for server virtualization technology was originally conceived as a means to reduce costs through software consolidation. Looking back it seems like a pretty obvious solution, but at the time this was revelatory. Instead of running each individual workload on a separate physical server, unused hardware capacity was now able to be used to […]

network traffic monitor

Bandwidth Monitoring 101: Network Traffic Analysis Best Practices

Monitoring traffic and bandwidth usage across LAN links is an essential part of ensuring optimal network performance. What is Bandwidth Monitoring? Bandwidth monitors collect, monitor, and analyze network traffic volume by end-point (user), port, interface, and protocol (application). This information enables multiple best practices, such as: Assuring adequate bandwidth for business-critical applications. Minimizing the impact […]