Michael O'Dwyer

Michael O’Dwyer is a business & technology journalist, independent consultant and writer who specializes in writing for enterprise, small business and IT audiences. With 20+ years of experience in everything from IT and electronic component-level failure analysis to process improvement and supply chains (and an in-depth knowledge of Klingon,) Michael is a sought-after writer whose quality sources, deep research and quirky sense of humor ensures he’s welcome in high-profile publications such as The Street and Fortune 100 IT portals.

Michael O'Dwyer

Are Disruptive Technologies Making Bandwidth Monitoring More Important?

As a former cubicle-based drone, I can readily identify with the bandwidth problems faced by users, with slowdowns and interruptions suffered for a variety of reasons, whether it is essential backups best run after-hours, problems with new security patches or updates, failing hardware or streaming video addicts. Unfortunately, when even data centers are debating how […]

How to Easily Monitor Bandwidth Usage Per Device

For home users, monitoring bandwidth usage per device may seem like a pointless exercise but their business counterparts typically recognize the value of doing so. Bandwidth is not a limitless resource and total broadband bandwidth (as provided by your internet service provider or ISP) is shared between all the devices connected to the network. If […]

active directory

Managing User Permissions in Active Directory is the Logical Choice

Users are part of any network and while sometimes troublesome, it’s the responsibility of the IT admin team to ensure that users can access only the resources necessary to perform their roles. The receptionist has no need to access software project data and software developers have no interest in HR resources. Therefore, user permissions are […]