We sympathize with the IT teams that keep their networks running – we really do. We understand it’s a thankless job where they’re ignored if everything’s working and blamed when everything’s not. That’s why we’ve tried to make our network infrastructure and application experience (AX) products as simple and intuitive as possible. We want to ensure that the greenest, first-day sysadmin can sit down in front of a product like WhatsUp Gold and figure out how to use it in minutes. And feedback from both our customers and analysts tells us that we’ve done a pretty good job: WhatsUp Gold is recognized as an industry leader in usability. We have customers who have been using WhatsUp Gold for decades because they like it so much. But not everyone is familiar with WhatsUp Gold – or, more importantly, has the time to try it.

IT teams are busy and assessing a new tool is almost never going to be a top priority during their day job of fighting networking fires. We offer a fully-loaded free trial, but IT admins are often too busy to install and test it thoroughly before it expires. In fact, we often find ourselves extending those free trial licenses for prospects who are interested but just haven’t had enough time to get to know WhatsUp Gold thoroughly. And, as I said, we sympathize with them. So we’ve decided to give everyone WhatsUp Gold for free.

WhatsUp Gold Free Edition is a free version of WhatsUp Gold restricted to twenty (20) points. WhatsUp Gold Free Edition lets anyone take advantage of the best network monitoring solution in the industry for free. You’ll gain full access to award-winning WhatsUp Gold features like network discovery, mapping, alerting, reporting, and Virtual Monitoring for free. You can monitor up to 20 devices at once or monitor 10 devices while taking advantage of our add-on features like Network Traffic Analysis, Application Performance Monitoring, or Log Management. Best of all, you can use WhatsUp Gold Free Edition for a full year before the license expires, giving you lots of time to get used to the best interface in the industry. Oh, and when your license expires just come back and download the latest version of Free Edition – that will keep you on the most current WhatsUp Gold release. If at any time your requirements exceed 20 points, you can upgrade to a paid version instantly – all without reinstalling or losing any data or configuration settings. WhatsUp Gold Free Edition can be downloaded at https://www.whatsupgold.com/free-edition.

Not only is this giving busy IT admins some breathing room, but it’s also providing an option for people with small networks and no budget for a network monitoring solution. No serious business can be run on just 20 points, but a home network can now use the same best-of-breed monitoring the big corporations use. WhatsUp Gold Free Edition also provides an option for hobbyists or for students who want to learn how to monitor and manage networks. Any educational institution can now provide all their students with their own copies of WhatsUp Gold Free Edition at absolutely no cost.

We know our users love using WhatsUp Gold and truly enjoy how intuitive it is. Why not find out for yourself? There’s no risk, no cost, and no obligation – just plenty of time to explore all the features you want to try. If you want to upgrade to a paid version, we’ll be right here. If not, that’s ok too; we’re happy to make your life just a bit easier when it comes to monitoring your network.

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