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Sometimes it feels like Murphy’s law is in full-swing. Everything that could go wrong does go wrong. As an IT admin this can be particularly frightening when the well-being and success of a business relies heavily on the integrity of its IT infrastructure.

Fortunately, when there is impending doom, WhatsUp Gold’s comprehensive Network Management Solutions can alert you to a problem before users notice anything, so it can be resolved with little to no repercussions. However, there can be times when the visibility of your network is impeded. In this case you would normally be up ____ creek without a paddle. But, with the WhatsUp Gold Failover Manager plug-in you have one more, high availability trick up your sleeve.

WhatsUp Gold Failover Manager enables the configuration of a Primary and Secondary server both running the exact same version of WhatsUp Gold. With Failover Manager in place, WhatsUp Gold continues to collect data and run critical monitoring services during planned or unplanned downtime:

  • Set up Primary and Secondary WhatsUp Gold servers for manual or automatic failover
  • Select specific event occurrences and conditions that can trigger ‘failover’ and ‘failback’
  • Ensure monitoring data protection through the support for remote database operation
  • Remotely manage the failover process from anywhere on the network
  • Report failover actions in the Alert Center for single console operations management
  • Virtually eliminate the risk of ‘dark periods’ or monitoring data loss

Interested in learning more about insulating yourself from network failure with WhatsUp Gold Failover Manager?

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