Reduce IT Costs Through Reduction In Lost Productivity

Written by Marina Gil-Santamaria

Recently I came across this chart and it got me thinking about how Ipswitch can help you cut your IT costs.

The way things are these days keeping costs down in any business is tough, especially when it comes to IT. This recent IDC chart outlined the best practices reducing your IT costs. We’ve taken it a step further with specific actions you can take through network management to reduce overall spending. This week we’ll focus on limiting lost productivity.


Many organizations have some type of layer 3 discovery in place based on whichever network management tool they use. The major limitation of layer 3 discovery is that the physical connectivity between devices in the network is not automatically established. Connectivity between devices or systems (a layer 2 discovery) must be manually established by network management personnel and this process is really tedious, time consuming, resource intensive and prone to errors.  And this gets more complicated if technology such as virtualization, WLAN, etc are used in your environment. After all, you have to manually plough through router configurations, device logs, Access Points, etc to try to get to the bottom of how everything is connected. Plus, how can you be assured that the connectivity and topology information that your IT team has manually gathered is complete and accurate, and will remain up-to-date in an on-going basis?

One of the best ways to increase IT productivity is to use a layer 2/3 discovery tool.  And here we can definitively help. Ipswitch’s WhatsUp WhatsConnected offers a stand-alone solution (that can also integrate with an existing WhatsUp Gold installation) that lets you automatically discover, map and document your entire infrastructure – network devices, servers, VMware virtual machines, VLANs and port to port connectivity quickly and efficiently. With WhatsUp WhatsConnected you can ensure complete accuracy; validate your archived CI (Configuration Item) data for process and regulatory compliance; and immediately visualize how everything is connected down to port-to-port connectivity. No more manual port-to-port connectivity tracking, no more taking notes on paper and then converting those notes into a drawing using Visio, not more massive inventory spreadsheets using vendor specific tools to find info.  With the touch of a button, and a matter of minutes, WhatsConnected discovers the entire enterprise and stores it in easily understandable and exportable format.

How is that for productivity increase? You’ll save immeasurable time and money. Stay tuned for more best practices on IT cost reduction.

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