10 Reasons Network Monitoring

Top 10 Reasons To Use Network Monitoring

While going through some old marketing supplies the other day, we stumbled across “Ipswitch Network Monitoring for Dummies,” written by Robert Armstrong in 2007. We were impressed with one chapter in particular and how relevant it remains today, more than 10 years later.

“Top 10 Reasons to Use Network Monitoring”

  1. Know what is happening — Stay informed about the operation and connectivity of your devices and resources on your network
  2. Plan for upgrades or changes — Track which devices are constantly down so you can make appropriate changes with ease
  3. Diagnose problems quickly — Know exactly where the problem is, saving you time
  4. Show others what is going on — Graphical reports enable you to easily explain the health and activity on your network to others
  5. Know when to apply your disaster-recovery solutions — Without a network monitoring solution, you may not know there is a problem until it is too late
  6. Make sure your security systems are operating properly— Make sure your security devices – that many companies spend a lot of money on – are up and running as configured
  7. Keep track of your customer-facing resources— Network monitoring can watch applications running on a server and ensure your customers can connect to the servers and are seeing that they need to see
  8. Be informed of your network status from anywhere— Most network monitoring applications prove remote viewing and management from anywhere with Internet connection. For example, with WhatsUp Gold you have the ability to react to events immediately after receiving an alert or notification of a problem from your smartphone or mobile device
  9. Ensure customer uptime— If your customers depend on your network for their business, then network monitoring solutions enable you to make sure they’re up and running at all times
  10. Save money!— Network monitoring solutions cut down on the total amount of downtime and time to investigate problems, which translates to fewer man- hours and less money when problems occur.



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