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Need a tool to manage your virtual environment?

Enterprises large and small have turned to virtual machines (VMs) to ensure better utilization of existing servers and hardware. Virtualization offers better disaster recovery and business continuity. The widespread adoption of virtualization quickly led to features that provide easy integration with existing environments with minimal disruption.

The easy-to-add nature of virtual machines, however, often results indiscriminate VM sprawl in which machines spun up for testing, for instance, remain active long after the are needed. Because of this, some systems admins can end up with little or no visibility to the mapping of physical servers to virtual machines.

Having virtual infrastructure management capabilities (such as discovery and inventory of virtual machines and resource utilization monitoring) is essential to maintain security, and simplify troubleshooting and routine maintenance.

The WhatsUp Virtual Machine Manager provides system administrators with a tool that:

  • Monitors which virtual machines are hogging critical CPU or memory resources
  • Performs basic VM management tasks
  • Ensures a reliable and efficient virtual infrastructure.

Gain control of your virtual machines – download Virtual Machine Manager today!

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