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Ipswitch Support and Maintenance

Our powerful blend of online community, centralized product information and live support contribute to our remarkably high customer satisfaction and retention rates.

The Ipswitch Community

The Ipswitch Community is a powerful online tool that allows customers to connect, learn, and share thoughts, issues, and ideas to discover the best way to fix a problem and hone your system. It has different areas for different Ipswitch products but unites all these resources in a single location.

Online Help and Knowledge Base

Our Knowledge Base is a consolidation of all product information in one location so you can find the right answer fast. Pose a specific question or search the Knowledge Base by topic. For quick answers and fast results to one or more questions, customers can use these self-help resources instead of creating a support case.

Live Support

With an active service agreement, we provide unlimited support during business hours and optional, emergency (extended) support 24 x 7 x 365 for business-critical issues. Our product engineers are service-focused and solution-minded; they don’t just answer questions but probe to identify your objectives, approach the problem from that perspective, and navigate you through to the right solution for your specific situation. This approach is important because no two customers use our software the same way.

The success of our support team is measured based on the summation of case-specific Net Promoter Scores rather than the volume of cases they close. In 2015, the team realized an NPS of 49 in 2015 and 54 for 2016. To create a support case, simply login to the Ipswitch Community and access support. We also provide a user knowledge base within the ipswitch Community.

For issues that cannot be resolved via The Ipswitch Community or our extensive, online information that is available 24 x 7, Ipswitch and its vast network of global partners provide live, local language support. Our partners are certified to provide high-caliber technical support for Ipswitch’s products and are backed up by our expert, technical support staff.

Published Service Agreements

Our published support service level agreements (SLAs) are a unique offering. They describe the levels of service responsiveness that we guarantee to our partners and customers based on specific case submissions. This ensures our level of responsiveness to an issue you submit matches the impact the issue has on your business.

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