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Ipswitch Training

We support our offering with high-quality training for all levels of knowledge, in a variety of formats.

Our training team creates content and conducts classes that are designed to optimize your usage of and success with Ipswitch products. Your IT team will learn from product experts how to use, manage, support, and harness the power of Ipswitch products. They will obtain the knowledge they need to master the software and prove their expert status by becoming a Certified Professional on Ipswitch products and an Ipswitch advocate/ambassador within The Progress | Ipswitch Community.

We offer a blended learning approach consisting of live, online classes — with both standard and custom curricula — and on-demand, self-paced learning. Ipswitch also certifies its partners to provide localized training around the world. As a testament to our learning approach and the expertise of our instructors, the training team achieved an Net Promoting Score (NPS) of 53 for the first half of 2016.

Online courses include an instructor-led curriculum, workbooks, hands-on labs, one-on-one instructor help, collaborative discussions, and expert coaching on how to solve your real-world problems. Our instructors are product experts, each bringing more than a decade of industry and technical expertise. All training videos and manuals are available in the Ipswitch on-demand learning environment.

Courses are purchased on a class-by-class basis and modularized to deliver what the student needs based on the company’s deployment lifecycle: Ipswitch also offers intensive training courses that combine “Getting Started,” “Power Boost,” and “Power User” training into one concentrated course for students looking for speed training.

Lastly, Ipswitch offers a variety of free training, including videos and live classes on The Ipswitch Community. You will also find “What’s New” and “Tips and Tricks” videos for all products on our YouTube channel within their own sorted playlists. These videos are designed to help our customers learn about our newest releases and get the most value from our products.

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