Survey: IT Pros Concerned About Wearable Technology in the Workplace

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Wearable technology might be convenient for the user, but it is inconvenient for IT pros to secure and support. Fortunately, IT pros can be better prepared to deal with people like me, including my Apple Watch and Fitbit. Today we announced the findings of our 2015 Wearable Technology Survey that polled 288 IT professionals in the United States. The survey revealed that more than half of the respondents (52.7 percent) now have users wearing technology to work, a growing concern for IT pros.

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Network Ninja: Why Should You Care About Device Roles?


My name is Jason Alberino and I am a senior engineer in our professional services group and a first-time blogger here on the Network Monitor. I interact with a good number of Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold customers every month and you may see me here from time to time offering advice to those of you using our network monitoring products. Today I’m going to cover why you should care about device roles. Device roles are what WhatsUp Gold uses to determine which monitors to add to which device. So why should you care?

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Network Bandwidth Utilization: Right Amount, Right Place & Right Time


In continuing my series on IT Pro innovation, I wanted to relay the story of a Nigerian IT pro that balances the need for more than adequate network bandwidth for mission critical apps with cost savings. Samuel Egbaiyelo is the Security & Business Application Officer for Nigerian National Petroleum Corp, a 5000 employee operation that processes, transports and manages retail outlets for petrol. NNPC’s IT team manages network and VoIP connectivity for 500 locations with a wide geographic distribution across Nigeria.

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Customers & IT pros, nominate yourself for an #Innovate15 award

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You’re doing what with WUG? Really? Wow! If you’ve come up with a uniquely cool way to use Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold, MOVEit, MessageWay or WS_FTP Server, here’s your chance to nominate your company for an Ipswitch Customer Award. This award competition will recognize Ipswitch customers for their creative use of our managed file transfer or network monitoring products. You may have a pretty remarkable implementation of Ipswitch products, but don’t even know it.

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IT Pros’ Innovation Stories Rock


So the true story is that Rob helps his company safeguard our energy and health by continuously monitoring the network and servers that assure on time delivery and regulatory compliance of the steel components used in our nuclear and fossil fuel power plants. It’s that humble quality combined with total enthusiasm for what they are doing that makes pros like Rob an IT Rockstar.

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