Envision BYOD Impact with Google’s Smart Contact Lens

Google filed a patent this week that brings BYOD to a new level. The patent covers a camera-enhanced smart contact lens that is controlled by the wearer’s eye movements. Think Google Glass without the frames. Essentially, the technology could allow users to gaze over a scene. Capturing image data along the way. And then retouch and share through a tablet or smartphone.

UPDATED: Ipswitch’s Response to Heartbleed SSL Vulnerability

By now you’ve likely read the articles about the recent vulnerability uncovered in OpenSSL that has affected vendors and companies that rely on this near-ubiquitous open source security protocol. In basic terms, the vulnerability exposes any exchange that uses the OpenSSL 1.0.1 family of protocols to an attack.

How March Madness Cut Down the Net(work)!

Congratulations to the UCONN Huskies, the NCAA March Madness champs! It’s always exciting when the underdog prevails. When the odds are stacked against you, as an IT pro, that is, you need to be prepared to manage through a bunch of problems that can make life difficult.

The Network’s Final Four (March Madness)

The goal of every NCAA March Madness team is to reach the Final Four. The experts say this validates the season and makes it a success. Yet, is it enough to just get there? Or does true satisfaction only come when the confetti drops and you are the last team standing? We’ve had a heck of a tournament thus far and it’s a shame only one team will win, but that’s just the way the bracket goes.

March Madness: The Elite 8 of IT Pros’ Network Problems, Part 2

On the courts and on the network, coaches and IT managers are always looking for consistency and reliability. So when we have two of the strongest issues in the bracket squaring off in the Reliability Region for a trip to the Final Four, it’s sure to get interesting.

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Meet the Bloggers

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