How the University of North Georgia Got Ahead of Its Network


Michael is the senior systems engineer at the university. As a campus that’s spread out across northern Georgia and accommodates 16,000 students, managing the 500 systems running on the network is always a challenge. The legacy system that Michael and his team had previously used to monitor the IT infrastructure worked for a while before starting to show its age. The system ran reports every 30 minutes. That wasn’t a problem when it was first created. But with thousands more laptops and mobile devices on the network than before, the lag time in reporting was a big issue. As a result, the IT department never had an accurate time stamped vantage point of the network. And with such poor insight a small problem could blow into a major outage before the IT team was even aware of it.

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3 Tips to Brace Your Network Against Cyber Monday


In case you were not aware, Cyber Monday is the first day back at work after the US Thanksgiving holiday. Instead of lining up outside a store’s front doors the weekend before, shoppers eagerly await that day’s big sales to kick off online. What does this mean for IT teams pretty much anywhere?

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Best Practices Series: IT Asset Management


Aside from the issue of security, IT asset management is vital for a number of reasons. Are you thinking about upgrading or purchasing new software and equipment? How are you going to do that if you don’t know what software or equipment needs to be bought or upgraded? Don’t forget about warranties on software and equipment. Do you know when the warranties or service agreements on your IT assets (be they hardware or software) are going to expire?

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The Internet of Things: A Real-World View


The Internet of Things (IoT) has enormous potential for revolutionizing the way that we interact with technology. It’s quickly disrupting consumer markets and specialized parts of the IT industry. In a keynote speech he gave at Ipswitch Innovate 2015 User Summit, THINKstrategies Managing Director Jeff Kaplan reviewed the specific ways that IoT is being implemented and how it will affect planning for IT in the future. “It’s all about data – but the data is going to be coming from a lot of different places,” Jeff said. The IoT Transforms the Data Center One example that Jeff gave to illustrate the momentum of IoT was through the transformation of the modern data center. Back in the day, machines often hid behind closed doors. The technology was not nearly as tied to the business as it is now. As a result, the data center had become a closed-off shrine of technologies that […]

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What DIY Car Repair and Free Tools Have in Common


DIY has many parallels in technology. IT pros have numerous free tools and open source tools at their disposal to get their job done. A simple Google search will show free tools for monitoring, asset management, and more. In other words, a DIY approach to IT management. Free tools can be good enough to address a specific need or two. However, there are some important considerations that IT pros should look at before going the DIY route.

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