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How the University of North Georgia Got Ahead of Its Network


Michael is the senior systems engineer at the university. As a campus that’s spread out across northern Georgia and accommodates 16,000 students, managing the 500 systems running on the network is always a challenge. The legacy system that Michael and his team had previously used to monitor the IT infrastructure worked for a while before starting to show its age. The system ran reports every 30 minutes. That wasn’t a problem when it was first created. But with thousands more laptops and mobile devices on the network than before, the lag time in reporting was a big issue. As a result, the IT department never had an accurate time stamped vantage point of the network. And with such poor insight a small problem could blow into a major outage before the IT team was even aware of it.

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Noble Truth #9: Simplicity and Automation Accelerate Time-to-Value


How long does it take to realize the ROI of a givenCapture technology? If you asked that question to IT decision-makers, you’d likely get a variety of answers—everything from “it depends” to “weeks, months, or years.” Delivering ROI for a given technology immediately is becoming more and more crucial for IT decision-makers. It’s absolutely essential that they are able to solve real problems, install easily and deliver rapid time-to-value measurements.

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Proactive Management of Mission-Critical Servers at Universal Health Services


Steve Rogacki, UHS’ technical service manager, and his staff of 10 system administrators and engineers need to ensure that the company’s 150 servers have more than enough capacity to meet the daily data demands of the sprawling healthcare company. But Rogacki and his staff previously had no real-time insight into how servers were performing and had to instead sometimes react to hundreds of users calling to say they couldn’t log into the system because a server was locked up.

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Noble Truth #7: Top Five Ways Unified Monitoring Makes Life Easier


You’ve heard of “alarm storms” going off in your network, when one failed component of the network chain triggers a storm of alerts for devices that have only failed because one of the devices it’s linked to has ceased to function properly. Well, without unified monitoring, you better get used to the term “blamestorm,” as you’ll be pointing the guilty finger in every direction.

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Is Your Network Management Software Managing YOU? [infographic]

ManageYOURNetwork infographic_Matt W_aug 2015

You may already have software in place to monitor your network, applications and servers, but the question remains, is that software actually working for you? Or instead, does it have you working harder to deliver the IT performance your organization needs? In other words, is your network managing you, or are you managing YOUR network?

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