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More Automation and Out-of-the-Box Functionality with WhatsUp Log Management v10.1

Although WhatsUp Log Management Suite v10 makes log management for security and compliance as painless as possible – we’ve now made it even easier to save time! With the version 10.1 update, there are many new ways to enhance efficiency: In addition to preexisting reports for HIPAA, SOX, etc, there are now new out-of-the-box, point-and-click reporting for FERPA, NERC CIP, and NISPOM  Save time adding Syslog-generating devices to your log monitoring and archiving solutions: More ways to be alerted of a potential breach with new alarms for Cisco IOS events Learn more about WhatsUp Log Management v10.1 and all it has to offer. Try it FREE for 30-days!

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Which is better: SNMP or Syslog?

Customers frequently ask questions about the necessity of Syslog. “I have turned SNMP on and am collecting SNMP stats and alerts. Isn’t that enough?” It depends. The first answer is relatively simple; if you are monitoring solely for up/down status, well known error conditions, some performance parameters and high-level troubleshooting, then SNMP will address your needs. However, to understand individual device to device or user to device transactions at a highly detailed level then it is advisable to enable Syslog and collect the messages generated by each device. While most networking devices support SNMP and virtually all network management solutions use SNMP as their main mechanism to provide status of networked devices, SNMP can be limited in scope compared to Syslog. For example, a large Cisco switch may have over 6,000 different Syslog event messages and the specific SNMP MIB for the device supports approximately 90 trap notifications. Would you […]

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Need to collect, save, view, or forward syslog messages from anywhere on your network? Do you know about our free Syslog Server?

WhatsUp Gold’s free Syslog Server provides you with a feature rich tool to help you manage your syslog needs, including enhanced export capabilities. View the messages in real-time or filter results data the way you need to see it. Take charge of your network by understanding the data your devices are giving you. Would you like to: Automatically collect both Syslog and Windows event logs across your network? Store your log files for as long as you need (e.g. HIPAA mandates log data retention for 6 years)? Prevent tampering with your archived log files? Receive real-time alerts for key events (e.g. access and permission changes to files, folders, and objects containing employee or financial records, patient information and any other critical information). Generate and automatically distribute compliance or security-centric reports to key stakeholders such as auditors, security personnel or upper management? Get the Syslog Server today for free (or, if […]

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The WhatsUp Gold Engineer’s Toolkit is Back – Featuring NEW Tools

The WhatsUp Gold Engineer’s Toolkit was designed to make your life as a network administrator easier. We are excited to announce three new tools to help increase your ability to quickly and easily manage your network. Having trouble managing syslog messages from various parts of your network? Syslog Server allows you to collect, save, view and forward syslog messages from anywhere in the network. If you’re tired of manually logging into your interfaces to visualize traffic readings, see our new Interface Bandwidth tool. This application provides you with one interface from which you can read, gather and understand traffic info in real-time. The third new addition to the Engineer’s Toolkit is the TFTP Server. This service-based tool can help you simplify and secure the transfer of system and configuration files, such as operating system software or device configuration files, throughout your network. Enjoy these and other network administrator tools with […]

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WhatsUp Event Log Management 9.0 is here!

This new log management platform boosts enterprise security, regulatory compliance and forensics WhatsUp Event Log Management 9.0 allows enterprises of all sizes to protect critical information and meet important security and regulatory compliance requirements. The modular set of applications delivers a flexible, user-friendly format to simplify the challenges and complexity of log management. With WhatsUp Event Log Management, customers can automatically collect, store, analyze, alert and report on both Windows Event and Syslog files for real-time security event detection and response, compliance assurance and forensics.

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