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Free Subnet Calculator

As a network engineer, one of your core responsibilities is to deploy an organized network that can efficiently handle the demand. The Free Subnet Calculator simplifies the task of properly designing your subnets to use address space efficiently. With the Free Subnet Calculator you get:
  • 4 Tools in 1 – The Advanced Subnet Calculator is actually 4 tools in 1: a tool to lookup IP address details; a classful subnet calculator; a tool for looking up and assigning IP addresses within subnets; and a CIDR calculator
  • Address Details – poll specific IP addresses to resolve DNS/Host name; response time; hexadecimal and binary address values; address class information; and the address owner’s information
  • Classful Subnet Calculator – generate a subnet or ranges of subnets based on subnet mask; mask bits; host bits; number of subnets; and hosts per subnet
  • Subnet Addresses – generate a list of IP addresses for a given subnet then export the results as a document for assigning new IP addresses
  • CIDR (Classless Inter-Domain Routing) Calculator – manage CIDR addresses to minimize the size of your routing tables and use your available IP Address space more efficiently

More Free Network Tools

The Subnet Calculator is just one of the integrated components of the WhatsUp Gold Engineer’s Toolkit. All of the WhatsUp Gold Engineer’s Toolkit Tools share the same user interface and login; are available in a single download; and allow you to export or print resulting data.