Easily Monitor Your Entire Network

Quickly get value from comprehensive discovery and network monitoring tools

WhatsUp® Gold’s powerful layer 2/3 discovery results in a detailed interactive map of your entire networked infrastructure. One affordable license gives you network monitoring for any mix of devices, wireless controllers, servers, virtual machines, applications, traffic flows and configurations across Windows, LAMP and Java environments.

Network Dashboard

WhatsUp Gold Dashboard

Get Proactive Alerts and Instant Visibility

Ensure optimal performance and availability to meet or beat SLAs

Manage networks, traffic, physical servers, VMs and applications with easy-to-use and customizable maps, dashboards and alerts. Click on any device to get immediate access to a wealth of related network monitoring settings and reports.

Resolve Issues Quickly – Before Users Call

Intuitive workflows and easy customization help you reduce MTTRs

WhatsUp Gold streamlines network monitoring workflows by letting you initiate management tools directly from the interactive map. Easily switch between physical, virtual, wireless and dependency views to resolve issues quickly.

Network Device Status

What Can You Do with WhatsUp Gold?

All this and more.


Application Monitoring

Monitor Windows, Linux, Apache, Java and custom applications. Use out-of-the-box profiles to assure that you meet your SLAs.


Network Traffic Analysis

Assure the performance of critical apps and services by gaining visibility into network bandwidth utilization.


Configuration Management

Support compliance requirements for HIPAA, SOX, FISMA and PCI DSS and other regulations.


Discovery & Network Monitoring

Get immediate value through comprehensive discovery.


Cloud Monitoring

Get powerful visibility to AWS and Azure environments.


Virtual Environment Monitoring

Get powerful visibility to physical, Hyper-V and VMware environments.