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See Your Cloud in Context

Cloud Service Providers can give you reports on your cloud resources, but that’s only one part of the picture. WhatsUp Gold treats the cloud just like the rest of your network and displays that information in context with the rest of your network infrastructure. Monitor, report and alert on the status of every single metric available via the AWS and Azure APIs. You can then integrate that information into your alert center, dashboards and your interactive network map so you can quickly drill-down to issues and isolate the cause of problems that span technology silos.

Discover every element of your AWS or Azure cloud environment and view it on your network map

Apply monitoring tool to every single parameter supported by the AWS and Azure cloud APIs

Set up alerts that can help you proactively resolve cloud issues

View, monitor, alert and report on cloud billing to prevent expensive surprises

Identify cloud vs. on-premise network issues fast and eliminate finger-pointing

Lower your monthly bills and optimize your usage to meet seasonal demand – and no more!

Map Cloud Resources

WhatsUp Gold software will automatically discover cloud-based resources and display them on the same interactive map that shows your on-premises network. Not only can you now view and modify them like any other device, you get end-to-end visibility of your entire networked infrastructure for faster troubleshooting.

Monitor Usages and Costs

Every parameter accessible through the Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure cloud APIs can be monitored by WhatsUp Gold. Problems are highlighted right on the map for at-a-glance troubleshooting. Drill down with a single click to view performance and availability details for any cloud-based resource. Do you have unused or under-used cloud resources that you’re still paying for? Understanding what you’re using and when makes it easy to optimize your cloud resources and lower your costs. Tracking trends for longer than the standard 30 days makes optimization even easier.

Get Proactive Alerts

Track and alert on cloud usage and billing so there are no surprises in the next invoice. Proactively alert on performance issues impacting key services. Set your own threshold-based alerts on key performance and availability metrics and get notified via Email, SMS, Slack or log files.

Monitor End-User Experience

Organizations need to know what users experience when using their cloud-based applications. WhatsUp Gold monitors metrics like response times and frequency of use to get a complete performance picture.

Maintain Instant Visibility

WhatsUp Gold Cloud Monitoring supports customizable dashboards that provide instant visibility into what’s up, what’s down, what’s seeing heavy usage, what’s idle, etc.

Create Custom Dashboards

Create a single dashboard view of your wired and wireless network, physical, virtual and cloud-based servers to quickly assess the health of your entire IT infrastructure and to identify and fix problems before they impact users, applications or the business.

Know What Your Cloud Provider Knows

Cloud monitoring leverages the AWS and Azure APIs to give you access to the details of what your cloud resources are doing. You can set up alerts or reports on specific details your cloud provider may not bother to highlight. You’ll also be able to perform long-term trend analysis by tracking that information. Now you can see how your cloud usage changes during every week and month of the year and you can optimize accordingly.

93%of businesses see significant seasonal variation of network usage throughout the year.

Identify cloud vs. on-premise network issues fast and eliminate finger-pointing

Lower your monthly bills and optimize your usage to meet seasonal demand – and no more!

Track your billing and get alerted before it starts to exceed budgeted levels

Create clear reports that show your cloud costs and where your team can cut those costs

Did You Know?

Most organizations aren’t tracking their cloud resources, how they’re using them or how much they’re spending – they just pay the monthly bill from the cloud service provider. Unless that bill significantly increases, they have no incentive to determine if they’re really using all those resources or if they’re being accurately billed. By implementing cloud monitoring you can identify under-used cloud services and identify money-saving optimization opportunities. Of course, you can also identify cloud service issues immediately – and usually before your end-users even notice a problem.

Monitor Azure Cloud Services

The Azure Portal has a ton of information, but it’s not looking at the rest of your network. Monitoring Azure via the Azure API lets you integrate cloud resource details into your network monitoring.

Monitor Azure

Monitor Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AWS monitoring leverages AWS APIs to give you access to the details of what your cloud resources are doing. You can set up alerts or reports on specific details that Amazon Cloudwatch may not bother to highlight.

Monitor AWS

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use WhatsUp Gold to monitor the cloud?

Cloud Service Providers can't provide the 'in-context visibility' you need across your end-to-end network to identify problems before end-users do and resolve them quickly.

Will that make troubleshooting easier?

Research shows that IT shops that rely on integrated, rather than single-silo, tools troubleshoot problems faster and have fewer problems first reported by end-users.

How will using one tool improve visualization?

WhatsUp Gold automatically generates an interactive map that shows the status of and connectivity between cloud-based resources.

What metrics will WhatsUp Gold monitor?

WhatsUp Gold will access and monitor any statistic available through either the Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure API.

How up to date are the monitored metrics?

While monitoring is automatically set to poll every minute, admins can customize their polling cycles to meet their specific needs.

What kind of notifications can I receive?

You can configure notifications for delivery via email, SMS or Slack. We even integrate with IFTTT.

Terms to Know

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

The worlds most widely-used cloud service provider. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is Amazon Inc.’s bundle of more than 36 cloud computing services, including PaaS, SaaS, and IaaS offerings. AWS currently holds over 30% of global cloud computing market share.

Cloud Monitoring

The process of reviewing and managing the operational workflow and processes within a cloud infrastructure or asset. It’s generally implemented through automated monitoring software that gives central access and control over the cloud infrastructure. Admins can review operational status and health of cloud devices and components.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure, formerly known as Windows Azure, is Microsoft’s cloud computing platform.

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