Free Network Monitoring Tools

WhatsUp Gold free network monitoring tools are designed to make your job easier. These are some of the best tools for helping you manage network bandwidth, Syslog data, configuration files, virtual machines and more. Get the information you need to solve problems. Download some of the best free network tools for network administrators from the makers of the award-winning WhatsUp Gold network management software.

Systems Administrator Toolkit

This free toolkit has the sysadmin’s monitoring essentials for AD, IIS and SQL Server.


Virtual Machine Manager

Ensure a reliable and efficient virtual infrastructure by monitoring which business-critical resources are being hogged by virtual machines.


IIS Monitor

Monitor Microsoft IIS and identify performance issues.


Active Directory Monitor

Track Microsoft Active Directory availability and performance.


SQL Server Monitor

Monitor and keep Microsoft SQL Server running smoothly.


Visual Traceroute

Identify and isolate network connectivity problems.


TFTP Server

Securely transfer operating system software or device config files.


Exchange Monitor

Ensure application availability in a Microsoft Exchange environment.


Free Toolkits