New for 2022.0!

Leverage Flowmon & LoadMaster Solutions

Take advantage of the recent Progress acquisition of Kemp to leverage the powerful network performance monitoring and anomaly detection of Flowmon as well as the application delivery control of LoadMaster. Discover and monitor Flowmon and LoadMaster appliances within WhatsUp Gold for comprehensive network observability within a single interface.

New for 2022.0!

Integrated Flowmon Dashboards

Display data from Flowmon’s advanced network performance and traffic analysis solution, including network security detection and response capabilities. Extend network observability via Flowmon from within the same WhatsUp Gold interface. Learn more here.

New for 2022.0!

Send Alerts to Everyone via Microsoft Teams

Group notifications have been extended beyond Slack to include Microsoft Teams. Alert individuals or groups with the tool they’re using for communications and conferencing so the right people can proactively fix network issues before they impact end users.

New for 2022.0!

Security Improvements Everywhere

We’ve reinforced installation security, added a maintenance mode user right, hardened configuration dialogs, and improved security for OpenID tokens, among other enhancements. With WhatsUp Gold you can ensure your network monitoring solution is as secure as your network.

New for 2022.0!

Proactive Monitoring Made Easy

WhatsUp Gold’s award-winning usability and unique, interactive mapping interface have been enhanced in several areas. Customize and configure your views, then save them as Favorites. Changing default polling methods and searching monitors in Device Properties are only a few of the improvements that make it easier than ever to monitor your network proactively.

Log Management Archiving

Simple and intuitive log archiving is now included with Log Management. You can now easily comply with regulatory requirements and preserve historical data without impacting performance. Customize retention periods, storage locations and filter which logs get archived. Easily search, purge or restore from archived logs all within the familiar WhatsUp Gold interface. For details visit our Log Management feature page.

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Integrate With Anything

Outbound and Inbound Public REST API Support – WhatsUp Gold’s inbound REST API support has been expanded to include outbound REST APIs. An extensive suite of outbound REST API calls let users leverage REST to provide information to WhatsUp Gold from other 3rd-party systems. This extends integration to the application level, making it simple to seamlessly integrate functionality with 3rd-party applications like SalesForce, Office 365 and others. As well, inbound REST API calls let you automate your workload by extracting specific data from WhatsUp Gold or inputting information from a separate system or script. You can extract current status information for use by another system, automatically put devices into maintenance mode before making changes, add or remove devices, add monitors, and more.

Learn more on the REST API feature page

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