Monitor Amazon Web Services (AWS) with Progress WhatsUp Gold

Monitor Amazon Web Services (AWS)

See how your network uses AWS – and what it’s costing you!

Keep An Eye on AWS

Knowing at-a-glance the status of your cloud usage makes it easier to identify AWS networking issues so you can diagnose and resolve issues fast.

Know What You’re Spending

Does your AWS bill surprise you each month? Is it in line with your usage? Tracking both usage and billing can prevent surprises and show you where to reduce costs in the future.

Optimize AWS

Do you have unused or under-used resources or S3 buckets that you’re still paying for? Understanding what you’re using and when makes it easy to optimize your AWS resources and reduce your costs. Tracking long-term trends makes optimization even easier.
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Save Time and Money by Monitoring AWS

You’re paying for those AWS resources every minute that they’re up and running. If you don’t need them and you’re not using them, you’re wasting money. By monitoring AWS you’ll be able to optimize your usage, lower your bills and keep management happy. You can also to set alerts if AWS usage or billing exceeds your pre-set parameters.

Know What Amazon Knows

AWS monitoring leverages AWS APIs to give you access to the details of what your cloud resources are doing. You can set up alerts or reports on specific details that Amazon Cloudwatch may not bother to highlight. You’ll also be able to perform long-term trend analysis by tracking that information for months or years without any loss of granularity. Now you can see in detail how your AWS usage changes during each month of the year and you can optimize accordingly.


of businesses see significant seasonal variation of network usage throughout.

Quickly identify if network issues are with AWS or on-premise and eliminate guess work.

Optimize AWS usage based on past seasonality to lower your bills.

Track AWS billing and receive proactive alerts if it’s about to go over budget.

Create reports that show how much you’re spending and where you can save money.

Trust But Verify

When IT managers contract with cloud providers, they sign a contractual guarantee of performance, or SLA (service level agreement). If Amazon doesn’t uphold their end of the bargain and deliver the uptime promised, organizations get service credits in compensation. With a robust AWS cloud monitoring tool, like WhatsUp Gold, you can verify the performance that Amazon is reporting.

What is AWS?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world’s most widely-used cloud service provider. AWS is Amazon Inc.’s bundle of more than 36 cloud computing services, including PaaS, SaaS, and IaaS offerings. AWS currently holds over 30% of global cloud computing market share.

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