Virtualization Monitoring Tools

Monitor VMware and Hyper-V Virtual Infrastructures

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VMware Monitoring Software for WhatsUp Gold

Discover, map, monitor, alert and report on VMware and Hyper-V performance for hosts, guests and clusters in your network. Set alert thresholds for resource consumption of hosts and guests. See your virtual infrastructure in the context of its physical hosts.


Discover Your Virtual Infrastructure

WhatsUp Gold software natively integrates with the VMware API to discover and monitor VMware ESX and ESXi environments. The VMware API is designed to collect information much more specific to VMware than traditional protocols like SNMP. WhatsUp Gold discovers all VMware hosts, guests and clusters on the network.


Map Your Virtual Infrastructure

Automatically generate dynamic maps of your VMware infrastructure, displaying hosts and guests, clusters, and real-time status. These maps are an important first response tool helping system admins to keep track of all host/guest relationships to quickly isolate the source of virtual problems especially during periods of peak usage.


Monitor Your Virtual Infrastructure

Monitor VMware in real-time and keep an up-to-date list of all VMware hosts and attributes. WhatsUp Gold monitors the performance and resource consumption of hosts and guests, including CPU, Memory, Disk and Interface Utilization. It monitors the availability and performance of VMware vCenter servers and tracks live migrations.