ABCs of IT Infrastructure

The ABCs of IT Infrastructure Monitoring (ITIM)

Your Guide to the Basic Concepts of
Infrastructure Monitoring

Your Introduction to Infrastructure Monitoring

The subject of IT infrastructure monitoring (ITIM) – often referred to as network monitoring – can be overwhelming to beginners. As network complexity grows with new assets, clouds and capabilities so does the range and depth of related topics. So, where should you start?

We’re here to help with that. In our alphabetized index of IT infrastructure monitoring subjects, we’ve captured the basics along with several advanced and newer topics. For each letter from A to Z, we have a blog post that walks you through definitions, examples and the occasional pro tip. Individual posts also link to additional resources when available.

This is an ongoing project. Here are the letters/topics we’ve completed to date:

AAlertsNetwork Alerts—Monitoring and Notifications
BBandwidthWhat is Network Bandwidth? How to Measure and Optimize Bandwidth for Fast, Smooth Traffic Flows
CConfiguration ManagementBest Practices: Network Configuration Management
DDatabase MonitoringWhat is Database Monitoring – and What is it Good For?
EEnd-to-End VisibilityHow to Achieve End-to-End Visibility Within Network Infrastructure
FFirewall MonitoringWhat is Firewall Monitoring?
GGrouping DevicesWhy Grouping Devices Is So Critical for IT Infrastructure Management
HHardware MonitoringThe Ins-and-Outs of Hardware Monitoring
IInventory of AssetsHow Taking Inventory of Your Network’s Assets Can Benefit Your IT Workers
JJ-Flow and Other IP SamplersWhat’s Your Flow? The Differences Between J-Flow, NetFlow and More
KKPIWhat are Network KPIs, Why Should You Care? 16 Metrics/KPIs to Chase
LLog ManagementWhy is Network Monitoring and Network Log Management So Crucial?
MManagement Information Bases (MIBs)What Are Management Information Bases (MIBs)?
NNetwork Traffic AnalysisWhat is Network Traffic Analysis?
ONetwork ObservabilityThe Great Network Observability Debate
PPort MonitoringStart Docking at the Port—The Importance of Monitoring Your Network Ports
QQoSWhat is Network Quality of Service (QoS) and How Can I Achieve It?
RRoot CauseSpeed Root Cause Analysis and Troubleshoot Fast with Network Monitoring
SSNMPWhat is SNMP, Anyway? How the Lifeblood of Network Monitoring Works
TTopology MappingWhat is Network Topology?
UUptime MonitoringGuarantee Network Uptime with Network Uptime Monitoring
VVoIP MonitoringHow to Monitor VoIP Performance
WWeb PerformanceWhat is Web Performance Monitoring and What is it Good For?
Xapplication eXperienceExperience This! What is the Importance of Application Experience?
ZZero TrustWhat is Zero Trust and How IT Infrastructure Monitoring (ITIM) Makes it Happen


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Looking for a Single Guide to Get You Started?

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