Frequently Asked Questions with WhatsUp Gold

Frequently Asked Questions

What is WhatsUp Gold?

Progress WhatsUp Gold is IT infrastructure management software that lets you find and fix IT infrastructure problems quickly – through a powerful combination of out-of-the-box functionality, intuitive workflows and system integrations. Its unique, interactive mapping interface lets you intuitively see up/down availability and performance at-a-glance for everything connected to your network, both on-premises and in the cloud.

How does WhatsUp Gold improve your ability to provide proactive infrastructure monitoring?

WhatsUp Gold lets you find and fix network problems quickly – usually before your end users notice. Its unique, industry-leading interactive user interface allows you to intuitively view availability and performance of devices and systems critical to your business, both on-premise and in the cloud. With its sophisticated alerting capabilities, proactive notifications could alert you to developing issues before systems become unavailable.

How does WhatsUp Gold compare to the competition?

WhatsUp Gold enables IT teams to monitor more of what matters in their IT environment. There is no need to learn different products for different insights into your hybrid, networked environment. With a single tool, you can proactively monitor network devices, systems, traffic, applications, services, wireless (including Cisco Meraki), VMs, physical servers, Windows servers, Linux and Apache, Java environments, device configurations, AWS and Azure, storage devices and even SSL certificates.

WhatsUp Gold enhances your productivity through automation. It comes with more out-of-the-box functionality than most comparable products. This includes discovery methods, scheduled reports and preconfigured dashboards. This means you are up and running faster and with far more insight from the get-go. With the REST API, you can build integrations to other apps, and WhatsUp Gold comes out of the box with integrations for ServiceNow, OpsGenie, MS Teams and Flowmon.

WhatsUp Gold provides more 'at-a-glance' visibility to the status and performance of your hybrid, distributed environment. Our busy customers can't afford to waste hours trying to extract the data they need from their NetOps tools. That's why Progress focuses so much attention on making WhatsUp Gold the perfect balance of visibility and ease of use. WhatsUp Gold features “self-healing capabilities,” such as being able to restart a service and running SSH commands to fix a problem.

WhatsUp Gold provides an interactive network topology map that puts everything in context. The intuitive mapping interface offers filters and provides overlays for visualizing your wireless networks, virtual environments, cloud resources, network dependencies or interface utilization. Users can Initiate troubleshooting and administrative workflows directly from the map to ensure the fastest time to answers. WhatsUp Gold automatically creates maps that can be easily customized.

WhatsUp Gold is highly customizable. It provides the tools users need to set up and/or customize the dashboards, notifications and reports that best fit their requirements. You can drag and drop dashboard components, sort, filter or change chart types and empower yourself, your teams or your management with just the information needed, as needed. You can export any dashboard as a live link to easily share customized views with any audience.

WhatsUp Gold offers a high value for the cost. Our device-based pricing makes monitoring your IT infrastructure very affordable. For example, for competitors, a 48-port switch might require purchasing 48+ sensors/elements for all the important components. For WhatsUp Gold, this is one license. The add-on tools make the solution highly scalable, as customers can upgrade tiers at any time. Read more about our editions and pricing guidelines.

How easy is WhatsUp Gold to deploy and operate?

Progress focuses its time and energy on making our product easy to deploy and operate, so you have less customization to do than you would with other market solutions. Advanced discovery capabilities automatically place everything connected to the network on a unique interactive map so users can see their entire IT environment in context. They can then initiate troubleshooting and administrative workflows directly from the map to accelerate processes and time to answers.

WhatsUp Gold's discovery process automatically applies out-of-the-box or custom device roles to accelerate monitoring setup. Users can be up and running within an hour with immediate visibility through the interactive network map and notifications through email, SMS, MS Teams or Slack of developing problems. From there they can quickly create custom dashboards just the way they want them.

Once WhatsUp Gold is up and running, users can 'set it and forget it' until they need to complete an administrative task or react to a problem. That's why tens of thousands of IT pros love WhatsUp Gold.

What is New in WhatsUp Gold 2023.0?

WhatsUp Gold 2023.0 provides wider access to your organization’s network data. With its new NOC viewer, scheduled report improvements, and ease-of-use enhancements, 2023.0 will increase the engagement level of all users, from network administrators to executives to non-technical staff. WhatsUp Gold provides better data accessibility to all, helping NetOps establish clearer, faster communications and reinforcing the value of IT.

New features include:

  • Configuration Management Enhancements: Network system configuration monitoring has never been easier. With WhatsUp Gold 2023.0, we have greatly improved the performance, security and task handling of our Configuration Management add-on. Users will love the updated interface and expanded capabilities.
  • Configurable NOC Views: 2023.0 now includes a viewing tool created specifically for Network Operation Centers (NOCs). The NOC Viewer automatically cycles through multiple dashboard views, refreshing the data with each cycle, providing visibility to management and improving alignment and collaboration in the NOC.
  • Scheduled Report Improvements: Improve communication to everyone in the organization with scheduled HTML email reports. All organizations stakeholders, from system administrators to non-technical managers, have immediate, viewer-friendly access to the latest WhatsUp Gold data. You can also attach data in a variety of handy formats (CSV, TXT, XML, ZIP) or store data files directly into designated folders.
  • Continued Focus on Security, Ease of Use & Integrability: As with all recent releases, WhatsUp Gold 2023.0 includes many additional requested enhancements and security improvements that greatly reduce the potential attack surface of the application.

For details on all new features and enhancements, please view the WhatsUp Gold 2023.0 Release Notes.

Can I migrate from a previous version of WhatsUp Gold to WhatsUp Gold 2023.0?

Yes, Progress will support upgrades from WhatsUp Gold version 15.x and forward.

Will I need to be on an active service agreement to upgrade to WhatsUp Gold 2023.0?

Yes, only customers on active service agreements upon release are eligible to upgrade to WhatsUp Gold 2023.0. If you are no longer on an active service agreement, check out the many reasons why you should renew your agreement today. 

Why should I upgrade to the latest version of WhatsUp Gold?

Whether you’re using WhatsUp Gold 2022.1 or earlier versions, there are several key advantages you can realize by upgrading:

  • More Functionality – many of the new features, and enhancements to existing features, are designed to make it simpler, faster and easier to deploy and use. This will dramatically reduce the time spent on customizations.
  • Improved Data Accessibility – With its new NOC viewer, scheduled report improvements, and ease-of-use enhancements, Release 2023.0 will increase the engagement level of all users, from network administrators to executives to non-technical staff.
  • Updated Security – we listened to your feedback and have made many improvements to the WhatsUp Gold interface and many updates that enhance the security of the product.

How do I get training on WhatsUp Gold 2023.0?

There are a variety of WhatsUp Gold training courses available on our Training Page. This includes our free, on-demand "Get Started with WhatsUp Gold Administration" course.

Who can benefit from WhatsUp Gold 2023.0?

WhatsUp Gold benefits a wide variety of IT professionals:

IT PositionBenefits
IT Directors
  • Ensure network reliability, capacity and performance to meet changing demands
  • Exceed SLA, MTTA and MTTR targets
  • Do more with less staff and operate within budget
Network Administrators
  • Continuously monitor across your entire networked infrastructure, on-premises or in the cloud, with easy-to-use but powerful software
  • Use the intuitive workflows, automated topology map creation, interactive network map and the many out-of-the-box features to quickly set up and effectively deploy from the get-go
  • Take advantage of easy-to-customize alerting, dashboards and reports for in-context visibility
  • Limit downtime by resolving infrastructure issues quickly and before end users call
System Administrators
  • See server problems in the context of physical and virtual machines and applications
  • Find and fix problems quickly
  • Get push-button inventory reports
  • Manage Hyper-V and VMware hosts, resource pools and VMs
  • See your virtual and physical environments in context

What editions of WhatsUp Gold are available?

As IT and business requirements get more complex, we've made things simpler. WhatsUp Gold's enhanced licensing structure is designed to make it easy for customers to choose the solution that best fits their requirements. WhatsUp Gold is available in three editions:

  • WhatsUp Gold Premium provides both up/down status and proactive performance monitoring of your entire environment: network devices, servers, wireless, Meraki, AWS, Azure, storage devices from Dell/EMC and more. You can extend the Premium edition with add-on modules for Network Traffic Analysis, Virtualization Monitoring, Application Monitoring, Log Management, and Configuration Management. WhatsUp Gold Premium is available as either a perpetual license or via annual subscription.
  • WhatsUp Gold Total Plus provides all of the functionality of Premium, as well as support separately priced features such as distributed monitoring or failover, and also includes scalability pollers, Network Traffic Analysis, Virtualization Monitoring, Application Performance Monitoring, Log Management and Configuration Management.
  • WhatsUp Gold Free (not available in all regions) provides key WhatsUp Gold features and functionality but is restricted to only twenty (20) points. WhatsUp Gold Free includes all the features of the Total Plus Edition except for Configuration Management. It is only available as a 12-month renewable license that can be updated at any time with no loss of data or configurations. Support and Failover capabilities are not available in this edition.

More information on WhatsUp Gold Editions can be found on our Editions Page.

As a customer, how do I download the latest version?

Customers with an active support agreement can download WhatsUp Gold 2023.0 via the "Product Downloads" link at the Progress Community. New customers can download a free trial or request a quote or connect directly with our sales team.

What if my service contract has expired, and I want to upgrade to WhatsUp Gold 2023.0?

One of the great benefits of having a current service agreement is access to the latest software features. To learn more about your options for renewing your agreement, please contact sales.

Where can I get more information?

You can find more information about WhatsUp Gold 2023.0 at the WhatsUp Gold product page or you can contact sales.

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