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Monitor Bandwidth Consumption and Network Traffic

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Get Visibility into Your Network Traffic

WhatsUp Gold delivers detailed and actionable data on network traffic and bandwidth consumption, which helps you establish and enforce bandwidth usage policies, control ISP costs, secure the network, and provide the network capacity required by users, applications, and the business. These tools not only highlights the overall utilization of the LAN, WAN, and the internet, but also indicates which users, applications, and protocols are consuming bandwidth.

Analyze bandwidth consumption across networks, servers, applications and more.

Find backups or file transfers running during peak load periods

Track unauthorized, bandwidth hogs like streaming or gaming

Detect and report on traffic to and from the dark web (Tor)

Monitor Network Traffic

WhatsUp Gold collects network traffic and bandwidth usage data from any flow-enabled device on the network. It supports Cisco’s NetFlow and NetFlow-Lite as well as NSEL protocols, J-Flow, sFlow and IPFIX.  Collect and view data for Cisco CBQoS (Class-Based Quality of Service) and NBAR (Network Based Application Recognition).

Receive Alerts

WhatsUp Gold provides threshold-based alerting to help you address bandwidth problems before they impact your users, applications, and business. It alerts you when senders or receivers exceed bandwidth thresholds, when interface traffic exceeds utilization thresholds, and when you exceed failed connections and the number of conversation partner thresholds.


Monthly ISP bandwidth charges are expensive. You don’t want to add more bandwidth unless you need it. WhatsUp Gold software lets you drill-down to identify the sources and destinations of your internet traffic, the applications consuming internet bandwidth, and the users of those applications. In this way, you can ensure that your business-critical web applications are getting the bandwidth they need.

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Customizable Alerts

WhatsUp Gold also provides a simple tool to create custom alerts. You can create alerts for protocol traffic. For example, a sudden spike in UDP traffic can indicate a denial of service (DoS) attack on your network.

You can create custom alerts for application traffic. For example, you can get notifications when users are consuming expensive internet bandwidth on non-business applications like YouTube or Spotify. You can even create custom alerts for host traffic. For instance, receive alerts when large files containing sensitive data assets are transmitted over the internet.

Out of the box reports

WhatsUp Gold provides dozens of out-of-the-box network traffic reports including:

  • Sources
  • Interface traffic and bandwidth utilization
  • Top senders, receivers, and conversations
  • Top sender ASN and top receiver ASN
  • Top sender and receiver failed connections
  • Top applications and protocols
  • Types of devices
  • Top NBR application flow details and interface totals
  • Class-Based Quality of Service (CBQoS)

Monitor Network Traffic with WhatsUp Gold

WhatsUp Gold gives you detailed visibility into exactly how your network bandwidth and capacity are utilized. It gives you the granular visibility into exactly which users, applications and protocols are consuming costly business-critical bandwidth, in concert with highlighting overall utilization of LAN, WAN, specific device or interface. Also, for business-critical applications, WhatsUp Gold allows for traffic identification and analysis, and verification of quality of service, through ToS, Top NBAR reports and more.

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Learn more about network traffic monitoring.

What is network traffic?

Network devices, applications, infrastructure, and other resources are constantly monitored for performance and diagnostics. These often form the basis of network-performance related triage operations. While network infrastructure can be the cause of network slowdowns, most network clogs can be diagnosed by monitoring network traffic.

Why monitor network traffic?

Traffic monitoring software can classify network traffic by type and protocol, which can aid in identifying applications/protocols causing network congestion problems. Many security attacks like DoS/DDoS and viruses often cause traffic anomalies including unusual spikes in network traffic and high number of failed connections. Historically analyzing and trending traffic patterns can be useful in proactively identifying and repelling these attacks.


sFlow is a multi-vendor, packet sampling technology used to monitor network devices.
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J-Flow Is Juniper Networks’ proprietary protocol for monitoring and collecting IP flows.
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NetFlow is a network protocol developed by Cisco to collect IP network traffic.
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Cisco NBAR

NBAR is Cisco’s intelligent classification mechanism to organize Layer 7 applications by bandwidth usage.
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Network Capacity Planning

Ensure enough bandwidth to meet your needs.
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