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Network management reporting is an essential tool for network administrators. Comprehensive network management reporting provides IT teams with data to monitor their infrastructure, increase productivity and aid in decision-making. From reporting on the total number of unresolved issues, to CPU utilization, interface errors, application performance or rogue wireless activity, reports hold the key to capacity planning, network architecture validation and SLA compliance.

Your network management software should be able to collect and analyze data from all components of the network, including devices, systems and applications, and present it as cohesive reports that identify network trends; assess overall performance metrics and provide comprehensive troubleshooting solutions. With the myriad of network components in an IT infrastructure, report generation can be voluminous, and analyzing them could be a cumbersome task. Your network management suite should allow administrators to organize reports, and provide them with access to both read-time charts and historical reports that aid in rapid triage and troubleshooting.

WhatsUp Gold network management reporting feature is centered on a pre-populated dashboard where you can add customized reports. Reports may be categorized into customizable groups for easier access. For instance: problem areas, device, system, wireless. WhatsUp Gold comes with an extensive set of over 200 built-in analytics and reports. The product can generate 2D/3D charts and has quick zoom in/out features, real-time split-second graphs and dashboard gauges for better troubleshooting.

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