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Network Reporting Tools

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WhatsUp Gold’s reporting and dashboard tools provide the data and trends you need to make faster decisions, resolve network issues and increase productivity.

Analyzing everything from a unified, actionable dashboard

Schedule and send HTML reports to all stakeholders

Customize data views for IT teams and non-technical users alike

Automatically generate compliance reports and inventory audits

Comprehensive Network Management Reporting

Reporting is an essential tool for network administrators. Your network management software must be able to collect and analyze data from all components of the network, including network systems, servers, applications and services. It should then present the data in cohesive reports that identify network trends, assess overall performance metrics and provide comprehensive troubleshooting solutions.

Network reports must be accessible and understandable to everyone in your organization, whether that’s a system admin, IT directors or non-technical business owner. Reports are the key to capacity planning, network architecture validation and SLA compliance by presenting essential data such as unresolved issues, CPU utilization, interface errors, application performance or rogue wireless activity.

Reporting with WhatsUp Gold

WhatsUp Gold offers various ways to present network reporting data through full-page reports and dashboards capable of showing many reports, which you can fully customize. Reports are categorized into customizable groups for easier access. For instance: Top 10 systems consuming resources, critical monitoring activity and wireless infrastructure statistics.

WhatsUp Gold has an extensive set of over 200 built-in analytics and reports. The product can generate 2D/3D charts and has quick zoom in/out features, real-time performance graphs and dashboard gauges which enable simple troubleshooting.

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WhatsUp Gold Custom dashboard

At-A-Glance and Customized Dashboards

Aggregate the data important to you in new dashboards, use preset templates or create fully custom dashboards from scratch.

Understand the interconnections of your network, see and predict issues, and resolve problems faster with fully personalized dashboards. See everything that matters on your network from one actionable, unified place.

WhatsUp Gold Scheduled reports

Scheduled Reports

Improve communication with everyone through scheduled HTML email reports. With WhatsUp Gold, all organizational stakeholders, from system administrators to non-technical managers, have immediate, viewer-friendly access to the latest WhatsUp Gold data.

You can also attach data in a variety of handy formats (CSV, TXT, XML, ZIP) or store data files in a directory.

WhatsUp Gold 3 historic trend

Historical Reports and Dashboards

WhatsUp Gold stores performance data historically so you can return to a specific point in time to troubleshoot a problem.

By viewing performance over time, you can optimize your network configuration. For example, using client signal strength can help pinpoint where you need more wireless access points or if the equipment is functioning properly.

WhatsUp Gold 4 NOC Viewer

Configurable NOC Views

WhatsUp Gold includes a viewing tool created specifically for Network Operation Centers (NOCs).

The NOC Viewer automatically cycles through multiple dashboard views, refreshing the data with each cycle, proving the value of IT to management and improving alignment and collaboration in the NOC.

WhatsUp Gold 5 automated inventory

Automated Inventory Reporting

Be ready for compliance and inventory audits with WhatsUp Gold’s built-in inventory management.

Get inventory reports from your infrastructure with agentless polling techniques via SNMP and WMI. Capture important detailed asset information such as server information, software patches, update information, and services in an easy-to-read format.

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