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A PRTG Monitoring Alternative with Custom Network Mapping and Simple Configuration


Save time from tracking changes - Use custom network discovery and network topology displays.


Mitigate problems with your business-critical systems and applications with an easy-to-use monitoring tool, an excellent PRTG Network Monitor alternative.


Leverage a log management or configuration management dashboard.


Get support the way you prefer — email or phone.

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“I like the Active Directory integration and reporting features. This was by far one of the more easy implementation software packages for monitoring I’ve used. We switched from SolarWinds monitoring tool because of the Supply Chain Attack and breach. We tested PRTG monitoring and Manage Engine as well. Only WhatsUp Gold was able to provide the features we were using in SolarWinds. The licensing is very straight forwarded and easy to understand.”

Eric J, IS Administrator

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WhatsUp Gold


Automatic Discovery 


Custom Topology Mapping


Integrated Log Management




Email and Phone Support


Integrated Configuration Management


Unrestricted Licences


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WhatsUp Gold the Industry Leading ITIM Monitoring Experience

Integrated Log Management

WhatsUp Gold Log Management provides easy visibility and management of device log data, all integrated into an easy-to-use interface.

Custom Topology Mapping

Customizable Layer 2 and 3 topology maps with a thorough discovery and mapping solution.

Email and Phone Support

with G2 reviewers rating the quality of support at 91% in Satisfaction Tracking for Network Monitoring.

Badge Top 50 IT Infrastructure

WhatsUp Gold ranked #16 in G2´s TOP 50 IT Infrastructure Products

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