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Free Visual Traceroute Tool

Free Visual Traceroute Tool

Free Visual Traceroute: One Minute Overview

Are you a network administrator who needs a tool to help you identify and isolate network connectivity problems? WhatsUp Gold's free Visual Traceroute tool displays the route a packet takes across a network and provides detailed response time information hop-by-hop from start to finish, continuously, over a specified duration or one-time – you choose.

Using Visual Traceroute will reduce the time it takes you to isolate and identify segment failures or bandwidth bottlenecks within your network.

If you like the free traceroute tool, you'll want to try WhatsConnected, our Layer 2/3 Network Discovery, Mapping & Diagram solution.

Try WhatsConnected if you want...

  • Granular insight into port-to-port connectivity without rummaging through the wiring closet
  • Real-time visualization of your network as it evolves
  • Auto-discovery and inventory of your entire network
  • Direct export to Visio™, PDF, CSV and Excel
  • And much more!



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