IT Infrastructure Monitoring

Unified Infrastructure & Applications Monitoring

Powerful and easy to use software to manage the performance
of networks, servers, virtual environments and applications.


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Complete control and insight across your entire networked infrastructure

  • Automatically discover and monitor all devices on wired and wireless networks
  • Get alerts and automated resolution to find and fix problems before users are impacted


Powerful visibility into application performance, virtual environments and network traffic

  • Manage the performance and availability of business critical applications running on Microsoft, Linux, Java and virtual environments
  • Get insight to network flows to assure bandwidth is prioritized for critical applications and services

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Automation for security, compliance and governance

  • Easily automate configuration management, log monitoring and inventory audits eliminating repetitive manual processes
  • Maintain, audit and restore device configurations for change management and regulatory / IT policy compliance

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More Visibility. Better Performance.
Less Cost.

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Solutions By Industry

U.S. Flag

US Federal Agencies

Secure connectivity, collaboration and information flow are critical to the effective functioning of Federal agencies across Civilian and Defense sectors. Federal agencies depend on Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold to keep them running and keep them safe. Learn more


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"The US Navy N6 and Joint Staff J6 departments are very pleased with WhatsUp Gold."
Jesse Davis, US Navy (Contractor)



Across the globe, governmental entities in every sector are being forced to do more with fewer resources. Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold enables governmental entities to monitor, assure, and plan for the performance and security of their IT infrastructure. Learn More.

WhatsUp Gold Supports CROUS Paris Mission of Care

CROUS Paris is a public administrative entitiy serving 300,00 students. They faced the challenge of efficiently managing data from 1,000 IT devices at 80 different sites for 750 users and locating malfunctions more easily and quickly. Enter WhatsUp Gold. Learn More.

State & Local Government

Emergency, administrative and end user online services need to be performing and available at all times. WhatsUp Gold offers comprehensive and accurate visibility into your infrastructure at affordable licensing and operating costs. Learn More.


K-12 Education

It’s up to you to make sure that school hardware, networks and applications are reliable, safe, and improving student outcomes. What you need is a single, affordable, easy-to-use tool to monitor wired and wireless networks and applications across all of your facilities. Learn More.

Cambridge U

Higher Education

IT administrators on college campuses face steep challenges keeping student and administrative online resources performing and available at all times.

High performing IT teams at colleges and universities around the world depend on WhatsUp Gold. Learn More.



Financial services organizations worldwide have steep requirements for network and application reliability, and WhatsUp Gold delivers. It is a powerful regulatory compliance tool as well, ensuring that network configurations can't be changed without triggering an immediate alert. Learn More.

Financial Institution Banks on New Tools for Network Performance​

Banca Marche is an Italian banking system with 300 branches and 3,000 employees. They needed an all-in-one network monitoring solution to replace several network monitoring products acquired over the years. Learn More.


Network and application monitoring can be critically important for healthcare organizations when patient lives are on the line. IT teams also have to ensure that data is kept private by complying with HIPAA regulations. Learn More.

Network Performance Tool for Healthcare Firm Diagnoses Network Ills​

Community Integrated Care (CIC) is one of the UK's largest health and social care charities. The far-flung staff requires readily available online access to applications from whatever locations they are working from. Learn More.



IT professionals working in the manufacturing sector must establish a secure, efficient and regulatory compliant IT infrastructure. With disparate plants and locations, a complex underlying infrastructure, mission-critical applications and operational flows spanning across suppliers, distributors, customers and retailers, your role is more challenging than ever before, so it’s mandatory to consolidate and leverage every possible IT resource – including your staff. Learn More.

Free Toolkit Simplifies Common Network Tasks

With broad and robust functionality, the Network Manager’s FREE Toolkit  will help you monitor, diagnose, and troubleshoot a multitude of network issues.

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Map and monitor network-connected devices across all of your stores, including retail-specific devices. Monitor the performance of retail and back office applications. Ensure that store systems are performing reliably, even when usage peaks. Learn More.

Bandwidth Monitoring Solution Helps Retailer Boost Customer Service​

"Thanks to the product we have evidence of branch line deterioration before it is actually blocked. The monitoring in real time is very effective."
Emanuele Moreschi​, IT Manager

Learn More.


Whether your transportation challenge is people-moving, toll roads or intermodal operations, your network can run far more efficiently when all routers, switches, servers and applications are mapped and monitored by WhatsUp Gold. Learn More.


Our Customers

"We chose WhatsUp Gold because it is easy to manage and user friendly.
The cost/benefit ratio was very favorable during the buying process."
- Rubén Castrillón, Regional Service Manager, Desca

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WhatsUp Gold free network monitoring tools are designed to make your job easier. These are some of the best tools for helping you manage network bandwidth, Syslog data, configuration files, virtual machines and more. Get the information you need to solve problems. Access some of the best free network tools for network administrators from the makers of the award-winning WhatsUp Gold network management software.

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