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Network & Server Monitoring

Monitor performance and availability of network devices, track bandwidth usage, and improve network, server, and application performance to meet ever changing business demands. Get a complete picture of your network by understanding wired, wireless, virtual, server environments.

  • WhatsUp Gold

    Monitor performance and availability from a single dashboard

Available Plug-ins for WhatsUp Gold

Application Performance Monitor
Monitor & optimize applications

Manage traffic & bandwidth

Monitor virtual servers

Manage network configuration & changes

VoIP Monitor
Monitor call capacity

Failover Manager
Ensure non-stop monitoring

Scalability Pollers
Scale to 20,000 devices

System Management

System management refers to enterprise-wide administration of distributed systems including computer systems. This includes distributing equipment and software, configuring it, maintaining it, and setting up monitoring, troubleshooting, and notification escalation processes.

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Save time and and money with our suite of system management products.

LodgeNet Interactive Corporation Case Study

Streamlining Configuration Management — Challenges to Configuration Management

Available System Management Products

  • Log Management

    Speed up your response to network threats and meet regulatory mandates quickly and easily

  • IP Address Manager

    Avoid costly and painful errors with automatic management of IP addresses

  • WhatsConfigured

    Automate network device changes and configuration management processes

  • WhatsConnected

    Quickly document and update complete device topology in real time


Real-time Web Uptime and performance monitoring. Verify simple or complex web transactions on any website and any app. AlertFox makes it easy to find website and web application performance problems before your users do.



Browser automation, web testing and data extraction. Record and replay repetitious work on all browsers, including IE, Firefox and Chrome. It's the only web automation software that works with every website.