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Comprehensive, Intuitive and Proven Network Management Software

At work in thousands of networks just like yours, WhatsUp Gold provides intelligent and easy to use, extensive network management that goes beyond simple device availability and delivers comprehensive troubleshooting. Your job just got easier.

WhatsUp Gold IT and Network Management

WhatsUp Gold is a proactive monitoring and IT management solution that provides the visibility and actionable intelligence you need to manage complex and dynamic network, system and application environments. Designed to manage IT infrastructures of any size, from SMB to Enterprise, WhatsUp Gold has been tried, tested, and proven on over 150,000 networks worldwide.

WhatsUp Gold Plug-in Modules for Advanced Network Monitoring

WhatsUp Application Performance Monitor

Consolidates systems, network, application and end-user experience monitoring in a unified dashboard where you can quickly and efficiently diagnose and assess the impact of complex performance problems wherever they originate, avoiding costly service degradation.


Automates network device configuration file backup, restore, storage, and change management processes, eliminating common manual and repetitive configuration tasks.

WhatsUp Flow Monitor

Provides the detailed bandwidth usage and traffic flow data you need to quickly resolve traffic bottlenecks and maintain service quality. With Flow Monitor, you know exactly which users, applications and protocols are consuming bandwidth.

WhatsUp VoIP Monitor

Monitors and report on your network's capacity to support and maintain acceptable VoIP call quality.


Monitors physical and virtual servers from a single dashboard with native support for VMware ESX environments.

WhatsUp Flow Publisher

Captures flow analytics for non-flow enabled devices, providing insight and visibility into bandwidth usage and traffic flows, across your entire infrastructure.

WhatsUp Log Management

WhatsUp Log Management Suite

Comprehensive event & Syslog log collection, monitoring, analysis, reporting and storage for your network. Includes Event Analyst, Event Archiver, Event Alarm and Event Rover.

WhatsUp Event Analyst

View, filter, export, analyze, and report on event log data, including EVT and EVTX, that is vital to the health and security of your enterprise.

WhatsUp Event Archiver

Streamline clearing, collecting, consolidating, and storing event log entries from their servers and workstations. Today, Event Archiver is the choice for automated collection of log files in EVT or EVTX formats.

WhatsUp Event Alarm

Running behind the scenes as a Windows service, Event Alarm constantly watches over your machines' event logs and network's syslogs, immediately notifying you at the first sign of trouble.

WhatsUp Event Rover

An easy-to-use tool that enables "hands-free" log sorting and minimizes potential harm to original event log stores while doing forensics or just routine log review.

More Products

WhatsUp IP Address Manager

Use WhatsUp IP Address Manager to automate the discovery, documentation and management of your IP space in concert with gaining visibility into DHCP/DNS server configurations, IP Address utilization and device-to-IP Address associations.


A Layer 2/3 network mapping tool that discovers, maps and documents your network down to the individual port, making it simple to visualize the physical topology & understand device interconnections.