Discover & map networks

Learn what devices are on your network, where they’re located, what they’re connected to and how they’re impacted by changes and failures for successful network management. WhatsConnected finishes complete device and topology documentation quickly and updates in real time. Get accurate network diagrams you need for visualization, inventory and audit purposes, including port-to-port connectivity.

You reduce down time by pinpointing issues faster with alerts when devices or network topologies change. Directly export maps to Microsoft Visio or save as Adobe PDF. Perform on-demand discoveries and get topology change alerts. Document all additional inventory even those that don’t require monitoring.

Improve efficiencies with automated network discovery & mapping

Truly understand your network including detailed physical connectivity, device type, asset/inventory and configuration information of every asset in your network.

Save hours of manual intervention by leveraging multiple Layer 2 and Layer 3 discovery technologies like ARP, SNMP, SSH, Virtual Infrastructure Management, IP addressing, ICMP and LLDP. Get comprehensive inventory and configuration reports from Windows and other servers with agentless polling techniques via SNMP, SSH, WMI and Telnet. Gain visibility into even the most vendor heavy networks with inventory capabilities, platform identification, and classification for the most widely deployed network equipment manufacturers.

View comprehensive inventory information about your devices
Device Connectivity Report

Gain confidence in your network

Quickly pinpoint network issues visually with auto-generated topology maps.

Obtain full visibility into both physical and virtual connectivity, including VMware host-guest relationships. Gain confidence in your network with consistent up-to-date maps that automatically find and map new devices, Layer 2 connectivity changes, or updates to physical or virtual associations. Customize maps to show any aspect of the topology to view specific areas of the network. Collaborate easily with other teams with saved, printed and shared maps.

Get accurate, comprehensive reporting for compliance

Be ready for compliance with comprehensive inventory and configuration management.

Get reports on your physical topology in either spoke, hierarchical or custom views, both physical and virtualized infrastructures. . Easily share maps in Microsoft Visio or PDF format. Use standard reports like: Inventory, Device Connectivity, Bridge Port Utilization, Windows Inventory, and VLAN & Subnet to meet requirements or regulations faster. Capture important asset administration data like detailed asset information, configuration information, and systems inventory so you have up-to-date, compliant, easy to read information about your entire network.

Easy To Share
Inventory Report

Easy to share information with exports to PDF, Visio™, CSV, and Excel™

Collaborate with other team members or share information with stakeholders using maps exported in PDF.

Customize drawings with map exports to Microsoft Visio. Make it easier for non-technical stakeholders to understand your network with exported maps. Show how device additions and changes in your network design impact your network. Integrate inventory and connectivity information with other standard departmental reports by exporting either in CSV or Excel format. WhatsConnnected is available as a standalone application.

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